7 Reasons to Put Peru on Your Travel List

South America is quickly becoming a favorite destination for global tourists. Most tourists are hungry for new experiences, especially after discovering that visiting the same places doesn't offer a complete thrill. Mentioning South America as a traveling destination without including Peru is a rough itinerary.

If you're thirsty to find discoveries and learn about new cultures, you should consider visiting Peru. It is a decision that you ought to have made in the past, but you can never be late to plan it now. Here are the reasons why Peru remains an unbeatable travel location;

Machu Picchu Ruins 

Since 1983, Machu Picchu has hosted at least 5000 people each day. The UNESCO World Heritage site was once classified among the new Seven Wonders of the World. Tourists who love outdoor activities find the area perfect for hiking. With many people visiting the place, Peruvian travel authorities are contemplating limiting the number of people entering the beautiful scenery. It isn't the only ruin in Peru; other adorable destinations keep emerging. Chachapoyas and Caral are the recently discovered ruins in Peru.

New Hotels

When hotels are expanding, and large chains are coming in the area, you can be sure that tourism is booming. Famous international chains like the Hilton hotels Peru and Marriots have witnessed many guests that saw their expansion. Local chains are also thriving, and entrepreneurs keep constructing hotels to accommodate the growing number of visitors. If it's not your first time traveling, you can tell that popular places usually have problems when it comes to accommodation booking. This is one reason you are often advised to book with travel agents to ensure a successful trip in Peru. As these tailor-made tours are fantastic as they guarantee you enjoy every venue that your dream destination has to offer. Besides, the strategy reduces the hassles of last-minute bookings while saving you plenty of cash. This is because you only list your preferred destinations and activities, after which the travel agents reply with customized quotes for your trip. 

Captivating Scenery

If you enjoy watching the gorgeous landscape, then Peru is the place to be. The country boasts of owning over 80 percent of microclimates. When you climb the captivating Andean mountains, you get the chance to see horizons of landscapes. Cloud forests and coastal deserts are other features that will attract your attention. Besides, you don't have to travel to Bahia, Brazil, to see the steamy Amazon, Peru provides the same opportunity.

Rich Cultures

Peru is a peaceful country where people from ethnic backgrounds embrace different cultures and practices. They're also hospitable and ready to learn the new practices that guests bring. It's easy to fall in love with their dressing, especially during popular Peruvian cultural events. No month passes in Peru without celebrating a festival. It means that traveling to Peru is a timeless activity because you stand to at any time of the year. Inti Raymi, Seno de Los Milagros, and Virgen de Candelaria are festivals that send locals into a frenzy.


With the Amazon forest, you can spot almost every species of animals in the entire continent. If watching birds is your thing, Peru grants you the opportunity to witness more than 3000 species of birds. Enthusiasts of giant reptiles can also wander in the forest to catch a glimpse of anacondas roaming freely. A journey to Peru will reveal to you that big cats extend beyond puma, cheetahs, and lions. If watching the species in the forest doesn't excite you, marine creatures will captivate you. A tailor-made tour along the coastline will display to you marine mammals like sea-lions and whales.

International Airlines

Previously, accessing most locations within South America was hectic because international airlines overlooked the region. That period belongs to the past. It doesn't matter where you're coming from; landing in Peru is no longer a challenge. Tourists from Australia can fly to Peru from Sydney via Santiago, Chile, four times a week. Los Angeles is another route that Hollywood celebrities use to come to Peru. 

Hospitality Ratings 

Peru is emerging as a popular tourist destination because it combines various aspects of hospitality. A trip to Peru is a permit that gives unlimited access to all activities and sceneries that are worth your attention. The country has been voted more than once as the world's best culinary destination. Multiple prestigious global awards continue to drive curious tourists who want to verify the information. If you take a look at the San Pellegrino list, you'll discover that the South American country's restaurants rank globally. For instance, Central Hotel was voted as the fourth-best restaurant in the world in 2016. Gaston, Maido, and Astrid are other excellent eateries in Peru with a global reputation.

Tourists who omitted Peru in their itineraries have now learned to include it whenever they're traveling to South America. A trip to Lima promises a wholesome experience for tourists. With magnificent hotels sprouting like mushrooms in Peru, it may be your chance to tell your story about the unforgettable destinations.

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