6 casinos you should consider visiting at least once

In many cases, when people recommend locations to visit to quench your wanderlust, they will recommend historical sites, luxury hotels, locations with good food, or places with unique entertainment features. However, you will rarely hear someone recommend you visit a location because of the casino. (except maybe Las Vegas). In this article, you will find six casinos you should consider visiting, and the only one is in Las Vegas.

1. Resorts World Genting, Pahang Malaysia

Resorts World Genting is a big-name casino brand with many online casinos and land-based casinos all over the world. This particular casino is located 45 minutes away from the nearest city, Kuala Lampur, and was constructed 6,000 m above sea level. You will get a goosebump-inducing view of the surrounding rainforest, estimated to be over 100 million years old. If you chose to stay in the resort, you would have a lot to explore. The resort is equipped with over 5000 rooms spread across theme parks, seven hotels, and several entertainment attractions.

2. Casino de Monte Carlo
Casino de Monte Carlo is located in Monaco on the highly luxurious Monte Carlo resort. One of the things that makes this casino stand out is that it is constructed on a former palace territory. It walks a fine line between royale chic and modern chic. Besides exploring the many games they offer in the casino, you could also get a guided tour of the palace. You will get a peek into the cultural and historical significance of this 150+-year-old fascinating location.

3. Bellagio
If you watched Ocean’s Eleven, you might have gotten a glimpse of the Bellagio. This is a luxury resort, hotel, and casino located in Las Vegas, Nevada. While it may be located in an area known for resorts and casinos, this particular record distinguishes itself mainly through quality. You may be able to play casino games online with PlayCroco no deposit bonus codes, but you should be ready to spend much more money to play in Bellagio.

Famed for its poker tournaments, you will be able to play roulette tables, video slots, and poker in poker rooms. Because you will be playing with high-rollers, come prepared with pockets full of money. The Bellagio resort, which cost $1.6 billion to construct, features more than 3.500 rooms and its world-famous fountains.

4. Venetian Macau Hotel, Macau
This luxury hotel and casino is located in Macau in China. It is one of the biggest casinos in the world at over 500,000 sq feet. It has four themed gaming areas with over 500 gaming tables and features over 1500 electronic games and slot machines. If you are a fan of trying out new and unique things, you will be able to play some new and unique games available only in the Macau Casino. It may be worth noting that they only allow those who are 21 years and above to enter the casino.

The resort features more than 3000 rooms, so you may be able to make a vacation out of the visit to the many different stores available and taste the different cuisines.

5. Desert Cove Hotel and casino, Coober Pedy, Australia
All of the casinos featured on this list so far are located above ground. The Desert Cove is different in that it is a subterranean location, and the casino is actually located beneath the desert. It is located more than 800 km from the city of Adelaide and offers casino fans a unique opportunity to play games below land level. You will find over 16 machines in the casino space that has literally been carved out of the rocky desert landscape.

You can get full accommodation in the same location, so you do not need to worry about the journey back to the city. If you are a VIP guest to the hotel, you will get VIP treatment both in and out of the casino, including getting a casino host to make your hotel experience even more glamorous.

6. Rivers Casino, Des Plaines, Illinois.
There was a time in US history when the safest bet for casino owners was riverboat gambling as casinos were required by law to operate on water. The River’s Casino found a loophole through these regulations by building their casino on a shallow pit in water. This allowed this casino to operate on land while still complying with the rules. It is sometimes marketed as a casino built on a puddle. This casino may not be as luxurious as the other casinos mentioned on this list, but it is quite popular with history buffs. Don’t worry; with more than 800 slot machines and over 40 classic table games available, you will still get the classic casino experience.

If you love the thrill of playing casino games, you should add the casinos included in this list to your bucket list. This is especially true if the countries where they are located are already on your bucket list. As you visit the many other remarkable tourist destinations in these places, it would do you no harm to test your luck by playing casino games in world-renowned locations. Who knows, you may visit on your lucky day and end up winning a large jackpot.

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