5 Tips for Saving Up for the Vacation You've Always Wanted

The last thing you want to worry about during your getaway is money. Check out this guide to learn how to save for vacation and get the TLC you deserve.

According to studies, the average family of four should budget $132 per day for food while on vacation.

While important, food is only a small part of the list of vacation expenses. How do you save for a vacation? When do you start planning your next trip? Have you wondered if there are better ways to accumulate vacation savings? Keep reading to learn about tips to save for vacation.

1. Plan Ahead

Do you have a few locations in mind for your future vacations? Start your research now and begin planning the trip ahead of time. Planning ahead allows you to capitalize on deals before they spike as the date gets closer. Choosing a vacation that has an itinerary can help you stay within a specific budget for the trip. A great example of this is the Alaska cruise sailings where you can choose from several options for a scenic vacation on the water.

2. Cut Back on Expenses

What types of expenses could you cut back on to save money? Saving a few dollars a month can add up in addition to your other saving measures. Writing down all of your daily, weekly, and monthly expenses can help you locate where you are spending money and where you can cut back on spending. This is a great financial strategy in general that works when you are trying to save funds.

3. Start a Side Hustle to Save

The purpose of this strategy is to pick up a part-time job or gig to save money. You can continue with your normal life spending habits and use this income to go directly toward your vacation. This job could range from a few hours on a weeknight or a day on the weekends, depending on what you choose to do in addition to your current job. Today's gig economy is growing rapidly, so the side hustle options are endless!

4. Clean the House

What valuable things do you have in your residence that you could sell? Cleaning out the house could be beneficial in two ways – extra money for vacation and less clutter in your home! Whether you list the items online or host a garage sale, there are many ways to earn extra with items you already have. 

5. Save for Vacation by Being Intentional

Saving for a vacation takes work. Being intentional about your efforts to save up the funds for the trip will have a direct impact on whether or not you have enough cash to do the things you want to do while on vacation. Keeping your extra change, eating out less, carpooling places and shopping less are a few of the behaviors that will help you be intentional about your spending habits.

It's never too early to start planning for your next vacation. Having a plan and estimating the expenses for the trip will help you save for vacation and be financially ready when the time comes to travel. Check out our blog for more informative articles like this. 

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