4 Things You Should Do When Travelling with a Baby

Travelling with a baby is not always easy. If you are travelling alone with your baby or if you have a small child that is travelling with you then to make their trip comfortable, use the best baby capsule in NZ or simply have a scoop of some useful tips down there.

1. Packing
It is very important that you pack sufficient things for your baby. You should pack enough diapers, wipes and extra clothes along with the medicines and other necessary stuffs. It's best to keep an extra set of clothes packed in your handbag so that you can change the baby's clothes immediately after he/she soils it. Even while packing the bags of your children make sure to include some toys, books and lovely pictures of family members and friends as this will help them in calming down when they get bored or agitated.

2. The hotel rooms
To save on money and time, choose a hotel that has a kitchen attached to it. This will allow you to prepare your own food instead of ordering outside every time or going out to eat which is not only expensive but also unhealthy at times. Even if there isn't any kitchen attached to it, try to tell the hotel manager about your child's condition so that they can make arrangements for extra beds, cribs and other requirements such as elevator access

3. Don't Use a Seatbelt
That may sound counterintuitive, but proponents of baby-on-board safety say it's better to have your child in your lap than strapped into a car seat. If you're in an accident, the force of impact will be cushioned by your body. Your child is also safer in your arms as you are more able to protect him/her from flying debris and other unsafe conditions. However, there are some caveats to this recommendation β€” children under 12 months old should be buckled into a car seat because their necks are not strong enough to support their heads during a crash. Also, if you are using a booster seat or riding in the backseat, you can use the car's seatbelt for additional protection for your child. Just be sure to keep little one’s rear facing as long as possible (to no more than 2 years old) for maximum safety.

4. Give yourself plenty of time
You may have been able to just dash out of the house in your pre-baby days. Now, give yourself at least an hour before leaving your house to allow yourself ample time to load up the baby and get ready to go. This will give you some flexibility if your little one takes longer than expected getting dressed or eating breakfast. Also, if something unexpected happens, like a diaper blowout or the baby suddenly deciding she's hungry, you'll have more wiggle room in case things take longer than expected. Road trips with babies can easily turn into major ordeals if too much is packed into one day.

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