Want a Hassle-Free Holiday Vacation with Your Pets? Here's How

It's such an amazing feeling when you go home, and you get a warm welcome with cute jumps and licks from your lovely pet. Pet owners usually think of their pets as their own children and as a huge part of their family because of the amount of love and care found in and given to them. That's why it's a challenge when they decide to go on vacation; they don't want to leave their dog or cat behind, but it's not easy to bring them along.

Luckily, we're here to give you the best tips on how to take your pets with you on vacation without facing any inconvenience.

Visit the vet

It's wise to take your little friend to the veterinarian to make sure that there are no health issues. If the vet confirms that everything is okay and the pet can travel, that is a relief. To be on the safe side, though, packed all the medications that your pet might need to avoid any unexpected concerns. Also, make sure that your cat or dog has received its vaccinations before travelling, and don't forget to bring along its medical reports, as well.

Pet packing list

There are crucial things you don't want to forget on vacation with your pet. You need to carry your dog's or cat's license, along with any other important paperwork. Make sure you pack their food, toys, medications, and a comfy bed to guarantee that they'll be happy. Having everything you need handy will save you a lot of money later on. If you forget any of the mentioned stuff, you can buy them, but that'd be an extra cost you can easily avoid.

Check with the hotel

You don't want to arrive at your destination carrying your pet, and the hotel management informs you that pets are not allowed. Make sure you contact the hotel you're planning to stay in and confirm that their policy allows pets. Although there are a lot of pet-friendly hotels, they either demand a huge cost for them or make you pay for any damages your pet may cause. Try to avoid expensive hotels—instead, find a hotel that doesn't cost extra for your buddy. Also, you should keep an eye on your dog or cat to protect the hotel's furniture.

Safety first

If you're taking a road trip, make sure you stop every 2-3 hours. Pets need loads of exercise, especially the ‘hyper' types need to burn off all of their excess energy. That will give you peace of mind as they will eventually take naps while you're driving, so you don't have to worry about them being bored and wanting to roam around. You should also buy some special pet products to ensure safety while travelling with pets such as crates, carriers, and seatbelts. Just like us, they need security measures to reduce the risk of accidents and injuries.

Make them feel your presence

Pets feel safe when they're around their owners and when they're in a familiar place. Being introduced to a new environment might stress them out a bit, so the best thing to do is to keep talking to them smoothly, assuring them that you're there. It's also wise to bring a blanket that they're familiar with to ease their nerves and make them more comfortable. Their favorite toys shouldn't escape your mind; you should care for their entertainment as well as yours.

Bring company along

While you're on vacation, you don't expect to be lying around watching over your pet all the time. If possible, you should bring a friend with you to keep an eye on the pet while you're busy driving, swimming, or walking around. Although your dog or cat can be the best company you'll ask for, they need to be attended and watched over. The reason you bring your pets along with you is to enjoy a relaxing vacation, so you don't have to stress over being with them 100% of the time when you can have someone to assist you.

Caring for pets should be every owner's absolute priority. If you find yourself in a situation where you have to travel, and it's not safe to have them coming along with you, it's best to leave them in a boarding house or at a friend's place where they would feel comfortable. It's a privilege to own a pet since they are a source of happiness and coziness, so if you're planning to go on a vacation this holiday season, make sure you follow the above tips for an easy, relaxing trip.

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