Top Questions When Picking a Turtle Aquarium

You would love to have a pet, but do not have enough room to house a doggo or a kitty? But most importantly, have you always loved cold-blooded animals like turtles, reptiles or snakes? It's time you bought yourself a turtle! After passing this first test of choosing the best turtle for you, it's time you picked the perfect aquarium.

I know you have a lot of questions about this process, after all, it's all new and you have to make sure that your turtle gets to live and grow in the best home there is. We are here for you, ready to give answers to the most important questions you have about purchasing a turtle aquarium.

How do you pick the aquarium itself? 
This is the most important decision of them all. For your turtle, it's like picking the perfect apartment, the place where it will spend all of its time. This is why you must make sure that the aquarium you choose is big enough for your turtle. Unlike dogs and cats, they do not get to walk around the house – or at least letting them loose wouldn't be a good idea as they can get lost easily. So, they need all the space they can get with the tank you can offer them. There's this amazing paper on how to take care of your turtle that you will love.

The type of aquarium you pick depends fully on your turtle's type. So before buying the tank, make sure you know everything about your pet. The general rule is that you should provide 10 gallons of water for every inch in carapace length. Now, you do the math. Bear in mind that your turtle will grow in time, so do not pick the tank according to its baby size. Find out how much that particular species will grow and choose accordingly. You will not want to have to change the tank every year.

How important is the water filter system? 
Well, very. I would say that the water filter system is vital to the survival of your turtle. So, pick it wisely. The thing with turtles is that they spend most of their time in the water, so unlike let's say, rabbits, who live in a cage, they do not have a special place to do their needs. So, they do them in the water they swim in every day. This is why you have to make sure that your turtle's water is clean all the time.

You should know that there are two types of filters – internal and external ones. Internal filters go inside the tank and can be hidden behind rocks to give a more natural look to the tank. External ones are situated outside the aquarium and are known to be used in the case of bigger tanks. If you want to find out more about picking the right turtle tank filters, you should read this article:

Apart from keeping water clean, water filters are time-savers, as they help you reduce the time spent changing the water. Don't let your turtle swim in its filth – this can cause serious health problems and even death. Pick the water filter that best fits your needs!

Do I require a water heater? 
Turtles already have cold blood, so they should not be made to swim in cold water. For their health, they need to stay in warm water, which can be kept at an optimal temperature with the proper water heater. So, constantly heating the water in your turtle's aquarium is a definite must.

The rule says that the water should be kept at a temperature between 23.9C and 80F 26.7C. Anyway, the temperature varies according to the age of the turtle. Because they are more fragile and need more tending, small turtles require a warmer temperature, while adult turtles are great at lower temperatures. You can read here more on the matter of picking the best aquariums.

What you should take into consideration when picking the water heater is the dimension of the aquarium. After all, the bigger the aquarium, the more water needing heating will be in it. What you should also keep in mind is the fact that you should stick to a strict water change schedule, so you ensure your turtle clean water every day.

How do I choose the proper lights? 
Your turtle needs more light than you do. This is why sunlight does not suffice and you need to resort to artificial light. Turtles need light for more than one reason – they need both heath and ultraviolet light.

You should know that there are two types of ultraviolet light – UVA, and UVB. The first type of light is important for encouraging behaviors like feeding and reproduction. UVB light, on the other hand, is useful for metabolism and thus, paramount for a turtle's growth and wellbeing.

Does a turtle need a basking area? 
No matter how good swimmers they are and how much they enjoy spending their time in the water, turtles need a space to chill and stay out of it. So, yes, you should provide your turtle with a basking area. A basking area is important for their health, for the above-mentioned motifs – they need heat constantly to stay alive mainly, so you should provide not only the proper lights but also a place where to enjoy their heat.

If you want your aquarium to look just like in the wildlife, you can use some decorative elements such as pebbles, plants or sand. They will make your aquarium more alive, colorful and nice to look at. We found some more tips for the entire process of turtle picking and aquarium purchasing, which will be very interesting to read.

Normally, choosing your turtle's aquarium comes with a lot of questions. You want all the best for your tiny cold-blooded pet and so do we. This is why we hope that this article was of help in finding the proper home for your pet.

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