The Downside of Owning a Pet

It is a fact that some pet owners fall in love with the thought of having a furry friend, and they somehow manage to fail to acknowledge the responsibilities that come with it. Owning a dog can be a way to make you stick to some exercise routine, and, of course, it gives you a fantastic feeling each time you come home to a happy, wagging tail. Still, it is essential not to forget about the downside of having a dog or a cat. And before you take upon this lifetime commitment, you should get in-depth knowledge about all the details of owning a pet.

Financial responsibility

The first and most important aspect of having a pet is that it isn't a cheap responsibility. Overall, a pet represents a new member of your family, which means you should take his or her food and medical needs seriously. Both dogs and cats need vaccination, spaying, neutering, and parasite prevention. The annual financial requirement for a small dog goes up to $420, while a medium dog reaches the $620 and a large dog $780. Besides, these figures don't include the costs of spaying, neutering, and day-to-day supplies. And having a cat isn't cheaper, too. Only one cat can lead to an annual expense of $545, without supplies, spay, and neuter procedures.

This is not all! Pets can get sick or injured out of the blue. And this can lead to additional medical costs. Besides, as they age, pets are predisposed to having several medical issues that usually lead to extra veterinary appointments, testing, treatments, and so on.

Time responsibility

Another vital aspect you should consider before getting a pet is time. Any type of pet requires your time. A dog longs for its walks and cleaning ritual. A cat requires a clean litter box at all times. And hamsters or guinea pigs need constant cleaning, like changing the bedding or cleaning the cage. Having a fish will make you focus on continually changing and checking the water quality to make sure your fish live in a healthy environment.

And on top of this, pets need you to engage with them. Dogs need standard training to learn how to behave in a social gathering. Both dogs and cats are social beings, which means they need to connect with people or other animals. Of course, some breeds act more independent, and they are not affected too much by their owner's absence. Still, veterinary experts advise that pets need constant and correct exercise and mental stimulation. And it should be tailored to a breed's particularities, along with age and health status.

Don't forget this: having a pet represents a long-term commitment, for several years or decades. Thus, being a responsible pet owner signifies you to take into account health plans to be prepared to provide the best health care for your furry friends in case of unexpected illnesses or injuries. In this case, one of the most useful suggestion would be buying pet insurance, and if you don't know which company to choose for your dog, you can start from special websites, like Petinsurancefinder.

Preparing for a pet

Owning a pet involves a lot of planning. You need to have solutions for everything, such as you leaving the town and having a place to let your pet in your absence. Or if you are planning to start a family shortly, your pet needs to be part of those plans, too. And pets need to be part of emergency plans in case of evacuation or similar action happening during a potentially harmful situation.

Social effects

Before getting a pet, think about how it will impact the environment in your neighborhood and vice versa. Dogs might disturb others while home alone, as sometimes they get scared and barks anxiously up until your return. Besides, pets left to walk outside unsupervised can lead to serious damage to gardens or properties.

Admitting that your pet will die someday

Any pet owner that cared deeply for a pet, experienced the greatest drawback of having a furry friend: preparing for its death. Seeing how your furry member of the family suffers due to age or sickness, can take a major toll on you. And no matter the situation is, deciding to euthanize your pet to spare him or her a lot of suffering, can be a painful experience for any pet owner.

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