Pros and cons of CBD for pets

Over the last few years, products which are derived from the cannabis plant have skyrocketed in popularity. This is largely due to the changes in legislation across nearly every state. CBD is seemingly second to none in regards to this popularity because it is legal in every state. When something gains recognition and becomes used widely, businesses usually follow with the introduction of more products than consumers can shake a proverbial stick at. Such is the case with CBD. Furthermore, there is solid reasoning to believe these products are beneficial. Professional UFC fighter Anthony Pettis suggested as much, “CBD is an integral part of my training and post-fight regimen expediting my body’s natural healing process.”

As stated above, companies love to pile on trends just as they have done with the array of pet products. Therefore, you should not be surprised to see entire web pages listing CBD products for pets. Though just because a product is available does not mean it should be used without some caution. Below you will find the pros and cons of CBD for pets.

Pro: Evidence

Chris Vaugn is the CEO of Emjay, a brand offering a marijuana delivery service. He believes some of the research available supports the idea that pets can benefit from it. 

“From colleges to professional institutes, as soon as these types of places could get their hands on CBD, they began to research it in every capacity under the sun. Pet use has been a noticeable part of this research. And, up to this point, there’s plenty of evidence which points to the idea that pets can see improvement in their health as well as their mood after continuously taking CBD. I’ll be quick to point out that all of this is very new so it should be taken with a grain of salt. But, so far so good.”

Pro: Owner recommendations

There is no one more vigilant about looking after pets than their owners. Pet Insurance Review is a business providing the world’s most trusted resources for pet insurance. Their CEO, Ray Leon, considers this information valuable.

“One way of looking at the prominence of CBD products for pets is; if they were harmful or had even proven to have no advantages, then pet owners simply wouldn’t be purchasing them. It’s not hyperbole to say that there are pet owners out there who would put their lives on the line for their pets. Of course these people are going to do everything in their power to ensure their pets are not coming into contact with a substance that could hurt them in any way. It isn’t the end all be all but it’s a strong indicator of why CBD should not be overlooked.”

Pro: Professional opinion

Royal Moon specializes in a wide selection of CBD products. Their CEO, Brandon Sunny, suggests the thoughts of those who work with pets regularly should be paid attention to.

“If vets are the doctors for animals, then I think it wise to give their opinions more than their fair share of weight. That being said, vets across the country have begun not only approving but recommending CBD-based products for animals. For a variety of conditions too such as anxiety or pain. The thinking here is that towards the end of a pet’s life, or even because of a separate medical issue, keeping them happy and comfortable is key. There’s no way you’re going to convince me that vets are in the business of harming animals. So long as the experts are the one recommending something for my furry companion, I’m going to do just that.”

Con: THC content

Trey Ferro is the CEO of Spot Pet Insurance, a brand offering health insurance for pets. He advises others to be cautious of accidentally giving pets more than just CBD. 

“One of the largest problems with CBD as it relates to pets is the fact that it comes from the same plant which produces THC – the compound responsible for getting people high. If THC finds its way into an animal’s system, it can easily be lethal. There’s been more than a few cases of animals passing because the CBD treats given to them mistakenly contained CBD. If you go down the CBD rabbit hole, make sure you’re getting it from a trusted retailer. An extra few bucks for peace of mind is worth it everytime.”

Con: No regulation

mode specializes in CBD health and wellness. Their creative director, Jorge Vivar, believes a significant issue arises with CBD use and pets when one realizes these products do not have any legislative body. 

“If you’ve ever taken prescription medication for anything, I’m sure it has been reassuring to know said medication has been thoroughly tested and reviewed by the FDA, labeling it as safe for human consumption. The same cannot be said about all the CBD pet products that are available out there. Without any large, guiding entity to enforce safety laws, I have some cause for concern. Every owner wants to be certain that they are giving their pets what is labeled on the bag. My thought is, take the time to understand whatever it is you’re about to give your pet.”


Like with any substance, the amount can greatly alter the user's experience. Hush is a business providing items intended to properly care for tattoos. Their CEO, Ubaldo Perez, proposes being aware of this. 

“If you or I were to ingest a sizable CBD edible, there’s a good chance we would succumb to sleepiness or at the very least, some form of lethargy. The same is true of animals and CBD – give them too much and they’re going to be asleep for much longer than you might be comfortable. On top of this, pets will not be aware of what’s happening like you or I would, and that can be unsettling and possibly stress inducing. To me, CBD seems like a series of tradeoffs that might not be worth it.”

CBD and pets is a topic of discussion that will not be fully flushed out in a simple article. There are two sides here and likely so much more information to be discovered. At the end of the day, it is important to remember that CBD has the ability to be beneficial and this type of discussion is to ensure the safe use of it. Professional football player Derrick Morgan spoke on CBD, “You don’t have to take it, buy should at least know about it if it’s going to help you protect your brain and protect your body.”

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