Living With Pets: How to Keep Your House Clean

People with pets at some point in their lives start believing that it is nearly impossible to have a pet and a clean house. If this is your current situation, you have come to the right place. With the following tips and methods, you can keep your house clean, with no odor and least amount of pet hair.

Do Not Skip the Bath Time

Regular baths are the first and foremost step to keep your pet and your house clean. But remember that too much bathing can make your pet's skin and coat dry. If you live in a cold area, bathing your pet once a week is enough. Make sure you do not skip the bathtime and stay consistent on the bath timings, especially with dogs. Make bath time fun and relaxing for your pet. Place a non-slip mat to secure your pet. Play some relaxing music. Offer treats and praise your pets after you have bathed them. The day you don't bath your pet, wipe their body with a wet cloth to remove dirt and odor.


Bathing and grooming, both are necessary to keep your pet clean and healthy. Make sure you regularly brush their hair and use good oil. This will reduce the shedding of their hair all over your house. Regular brushing also distributes essential oils in your pet's hair.

You must cut your pet's nail often. With dirty nails, their paws will make your house dirty wherever they go.

Keep the Shed and Bedding Clean

The shed and bedding of your pet harbor many bacteria and pathogens, so it is necessary to clean them. The blankets and pillows act as a magnet to dirt, germs, and odor. Keep a regular cleaning schedule to ensure the cleanliness of your house and pet. If you have birds, then make sure you clean up the cages at least twice a month. Also, keep all your pet belongings clean, especially their toys and food bowls.

If your pet uses a litter, you must clean it regularly as well. The quality of the litter box can make a difference. Hooded litter box helps to contain the litter and odor. Plus it offers your pet some privacy when they are doing their business.

Removing Urine Stains

Potty training of your pet is too much of a hassle. It is hard dealing with stains and odor. When your pet has soiled or passed urine in a certain place, stop them from going there again, and do not delay the cleaning. Pet urine has a strong odor. You would think that you have properly cleaned up, but there are chances that the smell could linger. Use cleaning agents that have enzymes that can neutralize the uric acid from urine. Before you apply any cleaner or solution, make sure you blot up the urine or excreta as much as you can.

Vacuum Cleaning

When you have pets its must to have the right tools such as carpet cleaner, lint roller, brushes, and vacuum cleaner. Although you can quickly sweep of any hair, you see with lint roller and brushes, but you cannot clean your whole house with them. Pet owners know the power of vacuum cleaners the best. You need a quality vacuum cleaner that has extra strong suction and good brushing action to pull out all your pet's hair. You want a good filter that does not clog in case of excess hair.

The vacuum cleaner must have enough attachments to clean floor, carpet, upholstery, and every little nook; especially places that are tough to reach. If you do not have a good vacuum cleaner, cleaning your house with pets would be very hard, tiring and nearly impossible for you.

How Often Should You Vacuum?

If you have one pet and only two or three people living, vacuum cleaning once a week is enough. However, if you have more than three people and more pets, then you must vacuum clean daily.

Keep Your House Airy and Scented

Regardless of whatever efforts you make to keep your house and the pet clean, your guests might still get a whiff of pet odor. You must keep your house airy and ventilated. Keep the blinds open and let the fresh air and sunlight come.

Have a proper ventilation system installed in winters. Cold and damp conditions will make it hard for the odor to go away. You can also use scented candles and air fresheners to keep your house smelling nice and fresh. Look for ingredients that do not cause irritation and allergies to your pets, especially dogs. Essential oil infusers are popular for keeping a house with pet nice and scented. But some essential oils can be hazardous for your pets.

Bottom Line

With a proper cleaning routine and right cleaning tools, you can keep your house spotless with pets. Make sure the cleaners you use are pet-friendly. Vacuum cleaning regularly, according to the number of people and pets you have, ensures that your house stays clean.

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