How, When, and Where to Get Your First Pet Sugar Glider

Sugar gliders make THE coolest pets. Find out how to purchase a healthy one in this how, when, and where guide to buying a sugar glider for a pet.

Sugar gliders are amazing little critters. They're unique and loveable. Owning a sugar glider comes with several benefits, but it also comes with a great amount of responsibility. Before you decide if owning one is right for you and your family, you should know everything there is to know about buying a sugar glider. You want a happy, healthy, and friendly sugar glider to become a part of your family. 

Where do they sell sugar gliders? How do I know if I'm buying from a reputable place? When should I buy a sugar glider? Our guide below explains how, when, and where to find and purchase the newest little addition to your family! Continue reading to learn more!

Sugar Gliders Aren't Legal Everywhere

The first thing you should know is that sugar gliders aren't legal everywhere. You need to look into your state's guidelines about owning a sugar glider. Some states such as Alaska, California, Hawaii, and others have made owning a sugar glider illegal. 

Other states require you to have a permit to own one. If you live in a state where owning one is illegal, then you can almost guarantee anyone willing to sell one to you isn't reputable. Do your research and ensure you're able to own one of these little guys before spending any more time on the subject.

Sugar Gliders Have Unique Needs

If you're located in a state where owning one is legal, then you can continue to learn more about sugar gliders as pets. It's important to know that sugar gliders are unique creatures with special requirements. The best time to purchase a sugar glider is after you learn everything there is to know about owning one. 

1. They Enjoy Socializing

Not all pets enjoy socializing, but sugar gliders enjoy it and need it. If you want a pet that's more independent, then a cat is a much better option. Sugar gliders will need to be interacted with daily. If you work long hours at the office, then your sugar glider can become quite lonely and upset during the day. You'll need to dedicate enough time to playing with them before and after work. Because of this, owning one can become time-consuming. Be sure you're ready to dedicate enough time to your sugar glider to keep him happy. Because they can get lonely so quickly, it's best to have 2 sugar gliders to keep one another company.

2. They Need Toys to Keep Busy

For all the times when you're unable to give your sugar glider attention, he'll need to have plenty of toys to keep him busy. The cage should be large enough to allow your sugar glider to climb, glide, and run around. Purchase proper sugar glider bedding to keep him cozy and tons of accessories! They should have hammocks to swing on, hiding spots to disappear in, levels to climb on, and any other climb or swinging toys you can find. 

Pampering your little friend is a great way to bond and reward them, find more ideas at Petsvills.

3. They're Nocturnal Animals

Another important note to make is that sugar gliders are nocturnal creatures. They're going to be most active during the night. This could make a big difference in deciding if owning one is right for you. They'll need to be kept in a dark and quiet place during the day, so they can sleep. During the night hours, they'll be up and looking for your attention. Is this realistic with your current sleep schedule? Will the children know they can't play with the gliders during the day? If you're looking for a pet for your child, a sugar glider might not be the best option as your child won't be able to see him during the day. 

Bonding Time Is Essential

Sugar gliders enjoy your company, but bonding is also essential and different than simply playing with your glider. If you don't dedicate enough time throughout each day to bond with your glider, he might not warm up to you. Sugar gliders are friendly creatures and don't tend to feel threatened by humans, but they can bite or use their sharp nails if they're frightened or threatened. When you bond with your glider properly, you won't have to worry about him feeling these emotions towards you. You should know all the proper ways to bond with your glider before bringing him home.

Look Into Adopting First

When looking for places to purchase your sugar glider from, you should always look at adoption first. Check on local marketplaces for people looking to rehome their glider. Ask around to see if anyone you know knows someone who wants to rehome their little guys. If you can't find anyone wanting to rehome their glider, you can then look into breeders. 

Find a Reputable Breeder

When purchasing a gilder from a breeder, you want to find a reputable breeder. When you see a glider at a flea market or someplace similar, these gliders are bred and taken away from their mother at a young age for a quick sale. It's better to find someone who breeds the gliders with the gliders' best interests in mind. Do your research, look up reviews, and choose a breeder you feel confident in.

Buying a sugar glider comes with many responsibilities. Hopefully, this guide will make your buying experience easy. Keep these tips in mind when searching for, buying, and raising your sugar glider!

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