Easy Tips on How to Keep Your Aquarium Clean for Your Fish

It is essential that for your fish's quality of life, you keep their tank clean. For first-time fish owners, the things that you must do to maintain a clean living environment for your fish can seem confusing and difficult. This page will hope to tell you a few of those things and explain a few ways that you can keep your fish tank spic and span. If you allow your fish tank to become dirty, chemicals will build up and pollute your fish tank, thereby leading to your fish becoming sick, or worse, potentially dying.

Depending on your filtration system, you may need to clean your fish tank and change its water every week, or even every few days. You should invest in the best filtration system that you can to reduce the frequency of you having to clean your tank. Here are a few easy tips on how to keep your aquarium clean for your fish.

Filtration Tanks

If you have previously had problems finding a guide that explained how to clean your fish's tank, then look no further than here. This page will offer you more information on how to clean your tank and a few helpful tips. A great way to reduce the frequency and amount of time you spend cleaning your tank is to get a tank with a built-in filtration system. 

Tanks that do not have built-in filtration systems often require a lot of effort to clean and can require frequent cleaning. In-built filtration systems are often very high-power and are a great way to keep your fish tank clean. Providing you use one of these tanks in combination with the other tips listed on this guide, then your tank should remain in pristine condition.


It is very important that you cycle your tank. Cycling a tank is something you do when introducing fish to a new tank. If you do not cycle your tank, harmful chemicals and bacteria can build up and kill your fish within hours of being placed in the tank. A tank must be cycled for a few days at the very minimum before fish are introduced into it. Cycling your tank will allow organisms to grow and thrive inside your tank; these organisms will be essential in breaking down harmful chemicals and waste products, thereby keeping the tank safe and healthy for your fish. It is very important that you cycle a tank before introducing fish, lest they fall ill and die.

Parameter Check

Another integral part of the tank cleaning process is checking its water parameters. You can pick up a parameter kit at your local pet store and must check your waters parameters on a regular basis. There are many naturally occurring chemicals that can build-up in your fish tank and prove to be detrimental to your fish's overall health. Some chemicals you can expect to see in your tank are ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates. These chemicals occur naturally, so there is no way to prevent them, the only thing you can do is maintain a healthy and safe level.

Light Cycles

It is important that you only allow for a fixed period of light to penetrate your fish tank every single day. If you allow for more than twelve hours a day of light in your tank, then you will see a huge build-up of algae. Algae can be very irritating and can make your tank a very unhealthy and unsanitary environment. Limiting the amount of time your fish tank is illuminated is a great way to keep your tank clean; algae build-up will mean you will have to constantly change your tank water and reduce the algae build-up, your tank will be clean for longer.

Water Change

It is very important that you change your period as often as is required. As mentioned earlier, if you do not change your water, harmful chemicals such as ammonia and nitrates can build up inside your tank, thereby making it unsafe for your fish. Change your fish tanks water regularly, or as regular as is required. If you have a strong filtration system, you will not need to change your tank's water regularly as if you did not. Changing your tank's water is quite easy, and you only need to remove your fish to separate the holding tank while you complete the clean. You will need to cycle your tank again before you return them.

Now you know several ways to keep your fish tank clean and to promote a healthy and a clean-living environment for your fish. It is important your fish have the best quality of life that you can facilitate. Your fish deserve the best life you can give.

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