Why More People Need to Have a Dog

Maybe I'm a dog lover, but I think that everyone should have a dog, absolutely everyone. They're like the optimistic friend who wants good for everyone and you keep around for their positive vibes. Not taking any shots at cat people, but there's no reason you can’t have a variety of furry friends to improve your daily activities.

There's a ton of reasons why more people need to have a dog in their lives, here are some of them.

Increasing your levels of activity

I'm sure we're all familiar with the common head tilt or tail wag exhibited by dogs as soon as we start a sentence with “do you wanna go for a…”, because dogs love walks. Not only are they absolutely infatuated with the outdoor activity, they'll lead you to want to become more active as well. Having a dog is a good way to keep in shape by going for walks yourself, and the more active the breed the more active you'll have to be to keep up with their demand. Dogs also love trips to the park and playing fetch, and will give you more than one reason to be going outside.

Keeping your dog happy is proven to keep you happy, so you’ll want to keep their diet on par with their energy needs. The experts at DogEmbassy.com explain what kind of food you can feed your companion, and even go over the adoption process if you're looking for a new pal. Knowing what foods you can give your dog is important to their health.

You have a therapeutic buddy

Dogs are like a best friend that will absolutely never wrong you or spread gossip. They're tried and true companies who are called “man's best friend” for a reason. It can be a good feeling to come home and have someone excited to see you after a long day at work. Not only does it feel good, but dogs are proven to reduce stress just from their companionship. By lowering your levels of stress you're able to cope with life much better thanks to your furry little compadre.

They reduce the likelihood of allergies in kids

Cats get to take some credit in this next point as well. Owning either a cat or a dog when a child is young reduces the likelihood they'll develop allergies towards pets when they're older. This is because the body's immune system adjust to the introduction of the animal's hair and dandruff. So if you don't want your child being allergic to furry friends for the rest of their life, simply having a happy companion around is going to reduce these odds. 

Improves responsibility in children

The movie scene where the young kid asks their dad or mom if they can have a dog is almost a trademark in the development of youth. Young people crave companionship even more than adults do, and a dog can be a great way to imprint responsibility in young one's. By introducing children to the level of responsibility associated with taking care of another living thing, we teach them skills for the future. Developing a daily routine of feeding, instead of just a daily routine such as school, is beneficial for them. Depending on their age you can also teach them to take on more such as taking the dog for a walk for then get older.

Great for your mental health

Dogs are almost always in a good mood when they see you, tail wagging, panting, looking up at you almost like they have a smile on their face. It's awesome to be around that kind of energy on a consistent basis and it raises the level of your personal mental health. People who have dogs are less likely to suffer from cases of depression and anxiety disorders. These mental health conditions can lead to physical health conditions over extended periods of time, and dogs can contribute to you staying the optimist you always want to be.

Dogs are a boon in the sense that they can improve your own level of day-to-day physical activity. They're like a personal trainer that gives you that extra motivation to get out the door and get active. They play the role of a counselor without having to spend the extra money on one. Their presence reduces stress, and can greatly benefit your mental health in more ways than one. They also reduce the likelihood that children will develop allergies going into adulthood and are a great way to impart a sense of responsibility in kids. There's an endless list really of all the reasons more people need to have a dog.

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