Ways On How To Make Your Furry Friend A Top Dog Model In A Magazine

The majority of dog owners post pictures of their furry friends on social media. Around 11% of pet parents have created separate accounts for their dogs. Even though their pictures and profiles are often used for documenting memories or entertaining friends, few of them succeeded and became pet influencers. If you feel that your pup is a potential star, and you want them to model in magazines, you have to start through social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. All dogs that appear on magazine covers nowadays had their pictures published on social media first. With a few tricks and photos, your furry friend can make it too.

Ways To Make Your Dog Famous 

The first move towards making your little pup a magazine model is to turn him into an Instagram star. By having thousands of followers on social media platforms, your dog will definitely become famous. However, this process might not be as easy as it looks, and it also requires effort and consistency. Here are some tips that will help your pet become well-known on Instagram and Facebook.

Highlight what makes your dog unique

All dogs are different and unique in their own way no matter what breed they are.  You need to figure out what makes your dog unique and highlight it so that everyone can see it.  This does not mean that your dog should perform balancing acts or special tricks. It could simply be that he/she has appealing features or makes you laugh. Try to find out what they like and dislike and get to know their character. 

Based on your furry friend's nature, you can dress him/her to look attractive. You can also customize hoodies or bags. You can also take these pictures and custom prints them on socks. Getting your own custom dog socks with your pup's picture printed on them will reflect how much you value your pet. A number of dog owners even design a pillow with their dog's picture on it. You can also print your picture on t-shirts and socks for your dog to wear. Such ideas attract people and allow everyone to see the bond you two have.

Prepare the Account

Even though creating an account for your dog will take minutes, preparing for it could take weeks and sometimes months. Before posting any pictures, you basically need to study your competitors and become familiar with your audience. These two important aspects could have a major effect on your pet's account. You should follow the most popular dog accounts and research what it is that is the key to their success. You can always adapt similar techniques to remain on top. You should also check their Instagram bio and try to create one in the same style.

Taking Pictures and Posting

After studying your competitors and knowing your audience, get ready to take dozens of pictures of your dog. You will have to take more pictures than you need to ensure consistency. You will have to post a picture daily and sometimes twice a day. Consistency is the key to making your dog famous.

Once you have completed all these steps, you are ready to get your furry friend for their modeling career. Now, it is time for you to post every day.  Let the followers be part of your lives and watch the numbers increase. When your dog has thousands of followers, you can start contacting dog magazines and showing them the profile you created. You might even be surprised by a few magazines asking for your pet's pictures.

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