Tips To Clean Dog Seat Covers

Keeping your car clean becomes a task when you own a dog. The seats and overall interior of the car get dirty frequently with a dog riding along. The best solution is to protect the interior of your vehicle with dog seat covers.

The dog seat covers keep the seats clean and provide your pet a comfortable ride as well. You will find plenty of dog seat covers present in the market that you could choose from. Pet My Ride's amazing dog seat covers for trucks are high-quality products having all the essential features that you would require.

However, you must ensure that the seat covers are taken good care of. They should be maintained and cleaned regularly to make them last for a long time. 

Do not worry if you do not know how to clean your dog seat cover. We have got you covered! Go through this article for tips on cleaning a dog seat cover.

Why Do You Need A Dog Seat Cover?
Having your dog on long car rides with you is great fun. But not when it comes to cleaning your vehicle after a road trip with your dog in the car. Cleaning your seat covered with your dog’s hair, dirt, slobber, and other messy stuff may look like a daunting task.

However, a good quality dog seat cover could protect the seats from getting dirty. They could save you from all the extra work that you might have to do for cleaning your dog’s messy stuff. These seat covers are quite comfortable for your dog, making his ride enjoyable.

Make sure to buy a cover that is durable and fits perfectly on your vehicle's seat. These covers are easy to clean. 

You just need to take them off your seat whenever they require cleaning and wash with a detergent. Thus, getting a suitable dog car seat would be a wise decision for the maintenance of your vehicle.

How To Clean A Dog Seat Cover?
Here are a few tips to keep in mind for washing the dog car seat covers:

Place It In The Washer
When you decide to wash the cover, take it off from your car seat and place it in the washer. Add some laundry detergent to clean it. However, the detergent alone may not eliminate odor from the cover.

For reducing odor, add ¼ cup of vinegar to the laundry cleaner. It is a good way of eliminating reducing the bad odor from the cover. If you want your dog seat cover to have a pleasant smell, then adding a regular fabric softener would be a good idea.

It will give your car a refreshing feel. So, if you want to give your dog seat cover proper cleaning, washing it in a washer would be a nice option.

Wash By Hand
Wash the dog seat cover by hand if you are one of those who do not prefer washing it in the washing machine. For this method, you will require a bathroom or kitchen sink filled with lukewarm water. 

Put a little laundry detergent and vinegar, as per your liking. Rub the covers properly to ensure the removal of any debris or dirt stuck on them. Keep the seat covers soaked in the sink for around fifteen to twenty minutes. 

Once you are done, rinse the covers thoroughly and let them dry. This method may require more effort, but it is equally effective. You can add fabric softener as well if you want to give your covers a refreshing scent. 

Use Dryer Or Let It Air Dry
There are two options for you to dry your seat covers after they are washed. You could either let it air dry or put it in the dryer. 

Some people do not prefer putting the dog seat covers in the dryer since it might shrink them. The cover may not fit your seat properly after shrinking.

Therefore, it is better to dry them out under the sun or hang them in a room to let them dry. Once they are dried, you might see creases that may give them an untidy appearance. 

Place the covers in a tumble dryer to get a neater look for ten minutes. Do not worry, the cover would not shrink since it has already been dried. 

After your dog seat covers are dried up, they are all set to cover your vehicle’s seat and give it a tidy look. So, it would be quite easy to keep your dog seat cover clean if you follow the tips discussed above.

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