Security Alarms for Dog: Here's What You Need to Know

Absolutely! You can have a home alarm system to monitor your pet dogs. Dogs are undoubtedly as much a part of a family. For sure, those who have a pet will tell you that. If you are one of them and don't have kids yet, you will surely treat your dogs like your kids.

Thus it makes sense that when looking for a home security system, among the things you're perhaps searching for is a pet-friendly package. Why? Well, it's because pets are family. Below are some of the best home security systems for dog owners. Take a read!


Many review sites picked the best systems for dog-owners, and Vivint is always on the list. So, if you want a security system that offers an extensive range of dog-friendly security equipment options like smart door locks for pet sitters, then Vivint is your best choice. What's more, this security company offers some innovative pet-friendly options apart from the video monitoring, for instance, carbon monoxide and fire monitoring.

The company helps pet owners look after and monitor their pets via home automation. Vivint's home automation system has features that enable pet owners to care for their dogs at any location.

From their computer, tablet, or mobile phone, Vivint users can watch real-time, live footage of their dogs from installed security cameras and lock/unlock their doors for pet sitters even when they're not home.

So, whether you are at work or on vacation, it's convenient and easy to check and monitor your pets with the Vivint application, available for iPhone, BlackBerry, and Android. With a monthly monitoring charge and a one-time activation fee, the home automation system offered by Vivint provides affordable, simple home and pet management.


The security company offers pet-friendly security plans that include sensors with a greater weight range compared to other security systems. Also, the motion sensors by Simplisafe are about fifty pounds, while other sensors are only about forty pounds.

As such, your small pets can freely run or stroll around your home without triggering the alarm. If you're still worried, install the sensors at least five feet off the ground. Ensure to wall mount the motion sensors, instead of putting them on a shelf.

Also, you can lessen the sensitivity of your sensors to reduce false alarms. On the other hand, if you have large pets, it is wise to flip the sensors upside down and hang it a bit lower, yet still above the maximum height of your pet.

In addition, Simplisafe's pet-friendly security systems are equipped with several well-known features, making them among the best security systems for pet owners. The features include motion sensor identification and indoor video monitoring.


Frontpoint is among the best home security companies there is and also offers pet-friendly systems. The motion sensors of Frontpoint is essentially pet-immune. However, it only disregards or skips dogs that weigh at least forty pounds.

Currently, there's no way to make Frontpoint's motion sensor to ignore larger pets. Even so, the home security company recommends tips on reducing false alarms. For instance, Frontpoint suggests putting the sensor away from stairs and high up instead of open areas.

You significantly lessen false alarms by following the company's suggestions. But if none of the recommendations works for you, you can return the system within thirty days after your system activation. Plus, you get your money back.

Frontpoint offers home automation products, cameras, and safety monitoring, too. These features can aid you in ensuring the safety of your pets and comfort when they are left home alone.


This security company is yet another excellent option with regard to pet-friendly security systems. Brinks offers two kinds of systems, the Nest Secure security system, and the security system.

When you are looking for a pet-friendly home security system, the security system is way more pet-friendly. Brink's motion sensors are pet-immune. However, like Frontpoint's sensors, it only overpasses pets at least forty pounds.

If you have larger pets, the only way for you to avoid false alarms is to place the sensors seven feet off the ground. Other than that, the company has life safety features, like abnormal temperature detection, flood detection, freeze detection, and fire monitoring.

Through these features, you can guarantee the safety of your pets when you are not home. If there's an emergency, the monitoring centre can call the authorities right away.


Not all home security systems are dog-friendly, meaning your pet may trigger false alarms. For this reason, it's important that you choose a home security system with pet-immune motion sensors because these sensors can tell the difference between pets and humans.

The problem is that these sensors have weight ratings. So, when purchasing one, ensure that the weight rating of the sensor is higher than the actual weight of your pet. Aside from the sensors, cameras are also important to pet-friendly home security systems since they can verify an alert before you ask a monitoring centre to call the attention of the authorities.

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