Why You Should Never Buy a Puppy From a Puppy Mill

To describe them, most puppy mills are usually dark, dirty, and dilapidated. Their aim is just to breed puppies for profit. While some do not make it, most pets that are raised here come out traumatized, injured, deaf, blind, or sickly due to poor medical care. The worst thing is that you will probably know the conditions the dog was raised in because as you know, virtually all pets appear healthy and undisturbed when they are in a pet store.

Is it possible to protect puppies from such cruelty? Absolutely yes! All you have to do is to adopt a dog from a shelter or visit a breeder in person to see the parents of your puppy. Here are top reasons why you should avoid buying a puppy from a puppy mill.

Genetic weaknesses
Breeders in a puppy mill do not always care about the passing on of strong genes in a given dog breed.  This often results in gene weaknesses. Gene weaknesses are the most common cause of poor health and weak traits in puppies.

Poorly fed, unsocialized pets
For a puppy to be all-round healthy, it must be fed properly. The best way to do this is to start feeding the puppy with organic dog food as early as possible (check out the 10 best organic foods here).

Puppy mills do not take this as a consideration. Puppies here are underfed and undersocialized. This is mainly due to the fact that these breeders breed different breeds in the same facility without caring about quality. All they care about is churning out as many pets as possible.

Brace yourself for future health problems
Even when they appear healthy on the surface, most puppies from a puppy mill bring along serious health problems with them.  Even when they are healthy at the time of purchase, these problems will come to haunt them later in future.

Psychological problems
A puppy must be allowed to roam freely on frequent basis for it to be psychologically and physically fit. Puppies in a puppy mill are usually denied this. They are enclosed in cages their entire lifetime.

You won't meet the puppy's parents
Everyone wants to see who sired their puppy. It enables you to preview the temperament and health of your future dog. If you are buying a puppy from a puppy mill, you will be denied this opportunity.

Puppy mill puppies are expensive
Despite being raised in the most inhumane conditions, puppies from puppy mills are usually very expensive. Puppy mills are out there to make profit and that’s what they do!

Adopted dogs are more fun
Although they are usually short for space, shelters take good care of their pets. They feed them properly while ensuring that they get good medical care. On top of this, a shelter is better placed at matching you with a well-mannered dog that will fit perfectly into the lifestyle of your home.

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