Mistakes Every Dog Owner Should Avoid

The National Pet Owners Survey reveals that as of the year 2019-2020, there are about 85 million families in the U.S. who own a pet. If you're among the said statistics chances are you have been enjoying your pet these days. However, pet ownership also comes with a certain level of responsibility. Know that animals can only do so much in terms of taking care of themselves. So, as a pet owner, you have the complete responsibility to rear a happy, healthy and loyal pet.

However, it is important that you avoid those mistakes that other dog owners do such as the following:

Sharing the same food from the same plate

Keep in mind that the stomach, esophagus, gastric juices and the entire digestive system of dogs are completely different from humans. This is one of the reasons why it is not good to share the same food with your dog. Pets should be given pet food and not human food. According to Maevworld blog, it is recommendable that if you want to show to your dog your love and affection do it in a way of giving him the right food he deserves. Besides, for health and safety reasons, it is never a good idea to allow your dog to eat on your plate. 

Showering your dog with kisses and cuddles

Public display of affection is something that is not considered too welcome in the world of animals. This is true even when you've already brought him to your world. For them, being showered with cuddles and kisses is just too stressful. Too much display of affection for you may only lead them to confusion. Add in the fact that kissing your dog is also not a good thing for your health. It is better to teach your dog a gesture or a word that will serve as a signal that it is time for him to be hugged. 

Failing to set limits

Many pet owners mistakenly believe that a puppy jumping on them is something that's cute and a very affectionate act. However, do not forget that your puppy can also grow up to be a huge and heavy dog after months or years. So, it is a bad idea to just tolerate this habit and you as a pet owner must do something so that this act will no longer continue. Just imagine the pain it will cause you after your grown-up pet jumps on you. So, while your puppy is still young, teach him some commands that will help him understand that such an act is prohibited. As  a pet owner, it is your duty to set limits and enforce discipline on your dog. This is not just for his safety, but for your safety as well.  

No setting of house rules

Many pet owners make the mistake of immediately unhooking the leash as soon as the dog gets home. Unfortunately, the dog also has no idea what you want him to do or not do. Before bringing the dog to your home everybody in the household must discuss the certain house rules that need to be implemented once the dog arrives. Dogs are much like humans in a way that they are also creatures of habit. So, plan ahead where you want the dog to sleep and when the dog must be walked outdoors and by whom. Once these house rules are discussed, make sure everyone follows it so that the dog will also become consistent about obeying them. 

Implementing very harsh punishment

Pets also have feelings and emotions. They can also get hurt whenever you spank them too harshly. If your dog repeatedly commits the same mistake or misbehavior, chances are, you may not be good as a pet owner in disciplining him. Even if you are too upset about your dog, keep your calm. Don't just hit him right away with whatever hard object you can grab. But, rather come up with a strategy where you will be able to make him understand that what he just did is bad behavior and must not be repeated. Then, come up with consequences that do not need you to inflict too much physical pain on your dog. What is more important is for your dog to understand that you are teaching him good manners. Harsh punishment only inflicts fear on your pet,making the process of disciplining him all the more difficult. 

Not bathing your dog properly

If you have the habit of washing your dog's head first when bathing him, stop doing it. Instead, wash his body first and then his head should be the last thing that you should wash. It's also better if you put a cap on his head that also covers his ears so these are protected from getting wet all throughout the process of bathing him. However, you have to keep in mind that dogs do not need to be bathed or washed on a regular basis unless they become too dirty. Washing his head first only predisposes him to colds. 

Leaving too much food on the bowl

If your family is planning to travel to a place where a pet is prohibited, it is best to hire someone else who will take good care of him. Or, you can leave the dog to your friend, relative or neighbor. However, make sure the person in charge is aware of the do's and don'ts of taking care of a pet. Some people make the mistake of leaving too much dog food in the bowl for fear that it will starve when they're away or goes to work. Unfortunately, dogs just do not have an idea when to stop eating. So, they have a greater tendency to binge whenever they see too much food. It's for the people around him to control his appetite by giving him just enough food for one meal at a time. 

Remember that dogs do not grow out of their own bad behaviors. It's for you as the pet owner to stop bad behavior. Therefore, as soon as you have him under your care, take the time to learn about the ways to discipline him. This may be too difficult in the beginning, but with patience and lots of consistency, all your efforts of disciplining him will definitely pay off as you and your dog grow old together.

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