Hygienic Dogs Are Healthy Dogs: 5 Key Steps To Success

Every loving dog owner wants to keep their dog healthy and happy. While many ingredients in the recipe for success are easy to master, hygiene is an area where many owners face an uphill struggle.

Thankfully, it needn't be an ongoing battle. Here are five simple steps that will lead you to success by creating a better situation for owners and pets alike.

Keep Their Coat Maintained 
Different dog breeds prefer to have coats of varying lengths. When your pup needs a smooth coat or a short coat, a dog clipper is one of the best investments you can make. It will allow you to keep their fur under control while also promoting a better look. It is also an opportunity to look for fleas, bites, or related problems.

For the best results, you can use dog coat oils and other items to keep your pup looking and feeling better than ever. When supported by a positive diet, success is assured.

Master Dental Hygiene
Foul breath is a common issue affecting dogs. Many pet owners assume that it's simply an issue that they must learn to deal with. On the contrary, it is possible to tame the teeth and get your pup's breath smelling more pleasant. It is a very effective way to prevent odors from spreading to your furniture.

Dental hygiene doesn't only help owners. Ultimately, good hygiene will encourage improved oral health for your dog. So, it could be a key feature for reducing the risk of various conditions and diseases.

Keep Claws Under Control
As you know, dogs regularly explore and play with their mouths and will naturally bring their paws up to their teeth too. So, any bacteria and dirt caught under their claws can quickly find their way into their body via the mouth. When added to the fact that walking on long claws is uncomfortable and increases the risk of nails breaking, you must not ignore them.

Whether you attend to them courtesy of a salon or via the DIY route doesn't matter. The most important thing is that they are shortened and shaped on a frequent basis to promote better hygiene.

Keep Clothes Clean
If your dog wears a jacket on walks, it could be harboring a host of bugs. Therefore, it is vital that you clean it regularly. Similarly, you must ensure that all collars and leads are treated regularly. In addition to frequent cleaning, it is possible to implement preventative efforts by using sprays to keep bugs away.

On a side note, you should pay attention to your walking boots, hat, or coats worn when out with the pup. Crucially, you should clear your pockets of food as this will attract critters.

Wash Their Faces
Most dogs won't respond well to face washing, but it needs to be done. Whether it's wiping the excess tear discharge from the eyes or cleaning dirt from the wrinkles in their faces, these steps are key. Moreover, you should keep their ears clean, which could involve using ear drops. Aside from hygiene benefits, it will aid your dog's comfort.

Use all of the above steps to keep your dog healthy, happy, and hygienic. In turn, the relationship you share will become even stronger.

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