Six Ways to Enhance Your Puppy’s Life Quality

Having a puppy can greatly enhance your quality of life. But you also need to actively ensure you're helping your dog to lead a healthy and happy life. Here are six recommended ways to go about it.

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1. Feed Your Puppy Well

It can be difficult to not give your puppy a treat when you're looking into the dog's pleading eyes. While there's nothing wrong with giving treats to your puppy at appropriate times, you need to ensure you're not giving your pup excessive amounts of food. It's not just about the quantity. You also need to make sure your puppy gets a healthy and balanced diet, so fresh and nutrient-rich food should be given to your canine friend on a regular basis. If you don't consider your dog's food carefully, it can lead to rapid weight gain. In turn, that can lead to health problems. 

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2. Exercise Your Puppy Regularly

Exercise is essential for all dogs. Even if you're super-busy in your daily life, it's important you make the time to take your puppy out for physical activity. A walk around the block or a visit to the park on a regular basis can help your four-legged friend to prevent becoming overweight and developing other health issues. Your dog will also have fun every time he or she leaves the house. So, give your puppy time to explore the outside world.

3. Use Training Toys

The more fun your puppy has, the greater quality of life he or she will have. So, your dog should have the opportunity to play with toys each day. In addition to the fun that your puppy will have, toys enable your dog to engage with both physical and mental exercise. In particular, training toys are a good idea for puppies, as they can have fun and engage with physical activity while learning lessons. Visiting new places and teaching your puppy new skills and tricks will also help to improve your pet's life quality.

4. Communicate with Hand Signals

Training a puppy can be challenging, but the more trained your dog becomes, the greater his or her quality of life will be as there will be no miscommunication between the two of you. In addition to using your voice to give commands, use your hands. Most puppies learn visual signals quicker than verbal ones. When your dog understands you all the time, he or she is sure to breathe a figurative sigh of relief.

5. Regularly Visit Your Veterinarian

To ensure your puppy is healthy and well, make sure you take him or her to a veterinary for an annual checkup. By having the vet give your dog the once over, you'll have peace of mind that there are no lingering health problems. And if an issue is found, your vet can tell you what needs to be done to prevent the problem from worsening.

6. Give Your Puppy Love and Affection

This should be a no-brainer, but don't forget it: caressing, hugging, and talking to your puppy should be done every day. Let your dog receive your love and allow your puppy to give you love. The way you are affectionate with your canine pal will influence both of your life qualities. So, treat your puppy like he or she is one of the family, making your puppy feel loved and valued every day.

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