Good Treats for Dogs

Whether it's for training time, playtime, or a snack before bed, all owners like to give their dogs treats. But with so many dog treat options on the market, it can be hard to know what to choose. Should your dog have soft or hard treats? Which treats are okay, and which are downright dangerous? In this article, we lay out what a dog needs from a treat and provide some examples of good treats for dogs. So, if you want to know more about good treats for dogs, please read on.

Dogs need small treats

If you're eating your favourite snack and your pooch comes along and begs for a piece of it, you might be tempted to throw a tiny amount to your dog. But wait! What seems like a small amount to you can still be way too much for a dog! 

This fact is even more of a concern when you think of how overfeeding your dog can quickly lead to health concerns like fatigue, respiratory problems, liver disease and mobility issues like hip dysplasia.

So, this is where the Soft Snacks come in. With each piece being around 0.5 cm, you can toss plenty of Soft Snacks to even the cutest doggy beggar! Plus, with the soft snacks being small and easily digestible, these treats are perfect to use for those high-octane training sessions.

Dogs need the correct nutrition

You're probably already aware of the foods that can be toxic for your dog. You likely know not to give your pooch a bite of your chocolate bar, and you keep foods like grapes, raisins, and nuts firmly out of your dog's reach. 

Yes, these are some of the foods you definitely shouldn't give your dog. But what should you feed your dog? What foods do dogs like, and which foods are best for dogs? 

Sure, you could sit and research canine nutrition. You could spend all day in the kitchen cooking up bespoke treats for your pup, too. But why not just let Bellfor treats range take the guesswork out of treating your furry friend? 

The blueberry-lamb Freeze-Snacks, for example, provide your dog with a tasty snack that is also packed with health benefits, while  Chicken Hearts Freeze-Snacks are another delicious and nutritious option.

Dogs need natural treats

Have you ever gone to a pet store and looked at the variety of different dog treats? Have you ever noticed how many manufacturers don't even print which ingredients they use? And even if they do, it's all ‘reconstituted' this and ‘hydrolysed' that. What on earth do these terms mean?

Treats like these can be very unnatural for our pets. These treats may have artificial colourings and flavourings to cover the fact that the snacks have no natural flavour of their own.

However, you can be sure that there are Brands which never use treats like these! If you look at Goat Meat Strips, you'll see that this dog snack is made from exclusively 100% raw goat meat. Nothing else is added or taken away. 

Dogs need treats appropriate for them

Okay, so a Chihuahua or Yorkie is as far removed from their wolf ancestors as possible. But you can't deny that they still have some wolf in their DNA! Because of this, today's dogs still need to eat like a wolf, to a certain extent.

Dogs also need treats that will suit their life stage. A puppy or senior dog, for example, will need softer treats, while an adult dog may like to spend hours chowing down on a larger, more challenging snack.

With this in mind, a wide variety of different dog treats are produced to suit a range of dog ages and breeds. Your puppy or senior pooch will love our soft and tasty Soft Snacks, while an adult dog will get hours of pleasure from chewing our Deer Antlers.

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