Essential Equipment for Your Pet Dog and Puppies

Our dogs are part of the family. They help us get away with stress. Further, they can return the love we gave. Dogs are only species that can be considered the man’s best friend. Thus, it better for owners to be responsible for maintaining their good posture and appearances.

We can find the list of must-have equipment to help us with our dogs.

1. Bedding

Puppies and dogs need to sleep comfortably. You can buy a bed that is big enough for your puppies, so they grow to it. Big beds allow them to stretch. Dog beds keep them from the cold floor especially during a season like a winter for some countries; dogs love to curl on those time.

The beds will give them the idea that they have a place of their own, a sort of privacy for them. It can keep them in their area instead of roaming around your house and jumping to the furniture, thus prevent injuries.

2. Bowls for food and water

You have to provide them with dog-bowls that they can eat into. It would be better if the dog-bowls are non-slip. The water containers for puppies also need to be always full. Puppies need more water. If they have their pots, they will instantly recognize that the food in there are for them that they can consume.

The bowls will also keep the feeding areas clean instead of putting them on the floor. It can also help them maintain their good posture. For big dogs, elevated bowls are for them.

3. Car harness, traveling crate

It is hard breaking to leave your puppies behind when you are going for a vacation. Why not bring them along to a long drive. Your pets can travel. So get that car harness to allow them to stay in a specific spot or a crate that would give them space for themselves.

4. Clothing

Dogs and puppies look pretty when they are dressed up. They have fur yes. But the clothes, aside from adding up to their appearances, it will also provide them additional protection.

Not all dogs love to wear clothing. In such a case, you can dress them up when necessary like if the weather is cold and they have a thin fur, and a coat would be applicable.

5. Collars

Make sure to choose a dog-collar that suite comfortably according to their size to prevent injuries. Also, Consider the color that can fit with the color of the fur. They also look tough with the collar in their necks. For some doors that are used to stay outdoors, spike collar can make them less accessible to be grabbed by anybody.

6. Grooming equipment

Dogs need grooming. It could be a comb or brush, nail cutter, grooming dryer, and rubber surface grooming table. Know the need of your dogs when it comes to grooming. Dogs with long hair may need a special brush or dryer.

If you wish to trim their fur, you need a scissor for this. Unlike the ordinary scissor, the one to use must not be pointed. Use the round-ended scissors. For dogs that are regularly appearing into show rings, need more equipment to maintain their beauty or a special trimming tool.

You must groom your puppies regularly so they can get used to it. If you intend to make them part of your daily life, then you need them clean always so you can play with them or cuddle them.

7. Leads

There are different kinds of rope leads. Choose the ones that are not too short or too long. Just enough to keep them near you and they can walk comfortably. It must also be comfortable in your hands. Small dogs must not fit a heavy or large lead. Consider also the sizes. There might even be strong leads but can be painful to them.

8. Outdoor kennels and dog runs

Some dogs love running. However, that may ruin your thing inside the house or your garden outside. Get a kennel for them, enough that they can freely move. Keeping your dogs outdoor also help them breathe some fresh air.

9. Poo Bags

Dogs also need to exercise. You can bring them in your run or morning walk. However, you need to have poo bags ready. They usually poo everywhere, and part of the responsible pet owner's job is not to leave those poos behind.

10. Dog Shampoo

Dogs need shampoos that would maintain the smoothness of their fur. While you need shampoo for your hair to keep it smooth, dogs need them too. However, your hair shampoo might not fit the needs of their fur. Choose the right shampoo.

11. Toys

Dogs are like kids. Imagine them as toddlers. They want to play. Buy them toys or they get your shoes or flip tops as their toys. Give them something like a bone-shaped toy or ball. They need to get used to these toys. All pet shop and store offers a variety of toys that you can buy.

Chowing toys can also contribute to keeping their teeth nice and clean. It can also make them feel less alone during night time. Dogs also feel anxious. With the chewing toys, it helps them preoccupied and can lessen the feeling of anxiety.

12. Pet Pins (Vivipins)

It is essential they are tagged accordingly so when they lost, someone can bring them back to you. Some countries have a law that mandates pet owners to put their name, address or phone number into the dog's collar, or a sort of pins. Of course, you don’t want to put something in your dog's neck that won't look good on them. Personalizing these pins and tags can be a good idea. With Vivipins, you can customize your pin, allowing you to design them in any way you like. Check out some of the available pet pins here.

These items are just some of the things you need to show your pets that you care for them. Pets need love too, and since they can't understand you, it is best to show love through proper care.

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