Benefits of Flea and Tick Treatment in Dogs

Despite the high level of care provided to dogs, they will inevitably encounter fleas or ticks during outdoor activities such as walking or playing in grassy areas. Thus, administering a flea and tick treatment is the optimal approach to safeguarding your canines and home from these threatening arthropods. In the following discourse, you will find more about why professional products like Bravecto for dogs make a difference in maintaining your pet's health.

Why Is a Flea and Tick Treatment Important?

The presence of fleas and ticks can adversely affect the well-being of domestic animals. Through regular efforts to mitigate flea and tick infestations, individuals who own domesticated animals can effectively reduce the risk of their feline and canine companions experiencing physical discomfort, skin disorders, and afflictions such as Lyme disease. Thus, flea and tick treatment promotes your pets' well-being and safeguards against potential flea or tick infestations in your household, ensuring your family's safety.

There is a diverse range of preventive measures to avoid fleas and ticks. Some products, like Bravecto for dogs, encompass oral medications and spot treatments. If you want to ascertain the most suitable flea and tick prevention alternative for your pet, it is advisable to seek advice from a veterinary professional. The optimal preventative care for your pet will be suggested by your veterinarian, taking into consideration the animal's medical background and present situation.

What Is Bravecto?

Bravecto employs fluralaner as its active ingredient, a systemic ectoparasiticide. This indicates it eliminates external parasites such as fleas and ticks from the canine's body. Two formulations of Bravecto for dogs are available: an orally administered, flavored chewable tablet generally well-received by dogs and a topical liquid preparation.

The tablet offers three months for safeguarding against fleas and ticks, whereas the topical treatment exhibits efficacy for four months against ticks and six months against fleas.

The efficacy of the tablet or topical flea and tick treatment lasts 12 or 16 weeks, respectively, in eliminating various bugs, except for Lonestar ticks. The product's efficacy is limited to eradicating Lonestar ticks for eight weeks.

The efficacy of Fluralaner in protecting against mosquitos is lower than other pharmacological agents, such as fipronil. Additionally, it exhibits efficacy in the treatment of demodectic mange.

The pharmaceutical preparation is available in five distinct dosage strengths, each appropriate for canines of varying dimensions. The administration of the substance is suitable for young puppies that have reached a minimum age of 6 months.

How Does Bravecto for Dogs Work?

Fluralaner, the active constituent in Bravecto, operates similarly to several other flea and tick treatments.

If the oral administration route is chosen, a singular tablet is administered to the canine. Subsequently, the canine's organism will begin metabolizing the tablet, thereby facilitating the absorption of fluralaner, the medication's active ingredient, into the bloodstream.

The Bravecto for dogs' administration of the topical formulation of the medication, the pharmacological agent permeates the epidermal layer of the canine, subsequently blending with the subcutaneous fluids.

The compound, Fluralaner, acts as a neurotoxin to arthropods characterized by jointed legs, such as fleas and ticks. Upon biting a dog treated with this drug, the arthropod is subjected to its effects and subsequently perishes briefly.

Fluralaner belongs to the isoxazoline category of pharmaceuticals, which includes other prevalent flea and tick prevention methods like afoxolaner (NexGard) and sarolaner (Simparica).

Is It Safe for Puppies?

Based on the available data, Bravecto for dogs is a safe option for administering to young ones.

According to Merck's guidelines, flea and tick treatment administration is advised only for puppies weighing at least 4.4 pounds and under six months old. Nonetheless, scholarly sources have indicated that research studies have shown that canines aged 8 to 9 weeks can endure dosages up to five times greater than the standard amount.

Furthermore, according to Merck, Bravecto has been deemed safe for canines in the pregnant, breeding, and lactating stages.

Where and How Can You Buy It?

Bravecto for dogs can only be obtained through a veterinary prescription. The current situation must be clarified since the medication lacks established contraindications, and most clinical trials have demonstrated its considerable safety.

Notably, the product's safety extends to collies that exhibit MDR-1 gene deficiency, a genetic mutation that renders them incapable of tolerating certain flea and tick remedies. Furthermore, the medication is safe for juvenile canines and lactating or gravid mothers.

However, acquiring a prescription from a licensed veterinarian is imperative to procure and dispense this medication for your canine lawfully.

Several sources exist from which Bravecto can be procured for your canine companion. It is common for veterinarians to dispense flea and tick treatment at the time of prescription. However, online sources may offer more competitive pricing.

Safety Measures

The primary measure to prevent the infestation of fleas and ticks is to create a sterile environment in your yard. Engaging in routine lawn maintenance such as mowing, trimming shrubs, and leaf raking is recommended. Additionally, it is advisable to ensure that garbage is adequately covered to prevent the attraction of rodents. Frequent use of a rotary brush or beater bar when vacuuming carpets is recommended. Clean hardwood floors weekly using a detergent solution and often launder all bedding.

Final Thoughts

Incorporating flea and tick prevention methods into your pet's regular veterinary wellness examination is advisable. At this juncture, the veterinarian has the opportunity to conduct a study on your pet to detect any indications of fleas and ticks. Upon identifying an issue, the veterinarian will suggest the most appropriate treatment plan for the animal, considering its breed, age, health status, and other relevant factors.

While treatment options like Bravecto for dogs are available for pets suffering from flea and tick infestations, it is advisable to adopt preventive measures to ensure the well-being and contentment of your pet. It is advisable to inquire with your veterinarian regarding potential preventative measures for fleas and ticks during your pet's regular wellness examination. The professionals will be capable of suggesting the optimal alternative according to the requirements of your companion animal.

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