8 Tips Every New Dog Owner Should Read

Being a new dog owner is an exciting time for you. Having a pet around the house is a big responsibility but will also bring you a lot of joy. Your best course of action right now is to educate yourself on the matter so you can be the best pet owner possible.

You may feel like you don't know what you're doing or are apprehensive about having a new dog. However, if you take into account these eight tips every new dog owner should read then you'll be well on your way to finding success with this endeavor. Let these suggestions guide you in knowing what to focus on and where to invest your time, energy, and money when it comes to taking care of your pet.

1. Welcome Them into Your Home

A top priority for you should be to welcome your new dog into your home with open arms. This entails providing them with a space of their own. You can include a crate if they're young or a comfortable bed if they don't need a crate. Also, make sure you have food and water available for your pet to access as they please. You can set boundaries in your home so they understand where they can and cannot roam or sit and lay. If you have kids or other pets in the house then be mindful to introduce them properly and always keep an eye on your pet when they're around your children just in case.

2. Look Out for Their Safety

You need to also make sure that you do all you can to look out for the health and safety of your pet. Therefore, take measures to protect them from harm such as walking them on a leash and getting a proper collar that fits right and offers additional benefits you may be interested in. For example, the halo collar reviews are worth reviewing in detail since this may be the perfect solution for your home if you want to have them contained by a smart fence. The last situation you want is your dog running away or out into the road where they could get hurt.

3. Find A Trusted Vet

Another tip every dog owner should read is that you need to find a trusted vet to visit. You will need to go for regular checkups and will want to have someone you can call up for advice or in an emergency. It may be helpful to get recommendations from friends and family in the area or read reviews online from other pet owners to narrow down who you want to choose. You'll feel a lot better knowing you have a trusted vet you can contact when you have questions about your new dog and its health.

4. Invest Time in Training Them

It's also in your best interest to invest time in training your pet. Having a new dog around will keep you busy and on your toes. Make life easier on yourself by teaching your dog basic commands and where to go to the bathroom at the very minimum. You may even want to sign up for training classes in your area with a professional trainer if you want your dog to learn things beyond the basic commands. Doing so will not only make life with your new dog more rewarding but it will also keep them safe and happy.

5. Be Mindful of What You Feed Them

It's important that you not assume you can feed your new dog any food you want. Instead, look into some of the best options within your budget and ask your vet for some recommendations. There are several factors you should take into consideration such as the breed and size of your dog. Keep in mind that there are also human foods that are off limits and may make your dog sick so be sure to educate yourself on what these are to avoid any unfortunate situations.

6. Engage in Exercise & Play Frequently

Dogs require a lot of consistent exercise and play to stay happy, healthy, and well. It's not only a great way to keep your dog feeling its best but will boost your mood and fitness too. Every new dog owner should engage in exercise and play with their dog frequently, if not daily. They require this type of ongoing stimulation for their physical and mental health. You can take your dog for walks or hikes, play in the backyard, and get some toys to have around the house they can play with as they choose. It's also a good idea to take your dog to the dog park or socialize with other dogs in your area or neighborhood once in a while.

7. Show Love & Affection

Dogs and pets also require love and affection to remain happy and well. Therefore, make sure that you are around the house regularly and care for them the best you can. Avoid leaving your dog at home for long periods and be sure someone checks on them if you'll be away for an extended amount of time. Your dog will love belly rubs and being pet often and will enjoy you talking to them. They'll always be excited to see you when you get home so mirror the same excitement with them when you see them so they know you love them.

8. Groom Your Dog Regularly

As a new dog owner, you need to also make sure that you groom your dog regularly. Find a groomer you like to take them to and be willing to give them a bath and groom them at home if they need it. However, you also don't want to bathe your dog too often so be mindful of how frequently you do so. Keep their nails trimmed and brush them daily. Your dog will not only look great this way but they'll feel happier and less itchy. Get in the habit of checking your dog's skin every so often to see if you notice any issues and regularly check your dog's ears. 

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