7 Ways to Keep Your Dogs Healthy

Dogs are indeed the man's best friend, so we do everything that we can to keep them around longer. Watching their daily habits and making sure that they are eating the right food is essential, but it may not be enough. Read more on some of the ways recommended by veterinarians that can keep your fur babies healthy.

Consulting the Veterinarian
You should start bringing your pet to the veterinarian as early as possible. Doing so will give you an insight into your puppy's health. If you are aware of what is reasonable to them, it becomes easier to find changes or abnormalities. You should also make sure that their vaccines are up to date, especially if you live in an area where they can be exposed to preventable diseases.

Another reason to keep your veterinary visits regular is to monitor your pet's heartworm prevention. Heartworm can be transmitted in one bite of one infected mosquito. As stated by the American Heartworm Society, infection risks of heartworm occur everywhere, so it is crucial to have your dog take protected.

Sticking to a Healthy Diet
Much like humans, your dog should also eat a balanced diet. This may include healthy fats, vitamins, carbs, protein, water, and minerals. It is also vital that they consume high-quality foods that are within your budget. Not all dog foods are equal, so make sure that you read the label first before feeding it to your dog. If your dog consumes a healthy diet, they can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Better heart health
  • Right muscle tone and skeletal health
  • Decreased risk of various cancers
  • Healthier digestion
  • Healthier coat and skin
  • Increased immunity
  • Promoted longevity and well-being

Exercising Regularly
Subjecting your dog to exercise can help in the promotion of better physical and mental health of your pet. It does not always have to be something strenuous; it can be as easy as taking them on a walk or playing fetch. Some dogs require more exercise than others, so it would be better to consult your veterinarian about the recommended activities as well as the duration of daily use. Aside from the benefits that both of you can get, it will also strengthen your bond. If the weather outside is too harsh, there are also activities you can try indoors. Here are a few benefits of exercising them daily:

  • Strengthens your dog's heart, lungs, and circulation
  • Better digestion and muscle tone
  • Relief from boredom that can decrease destructive behavioral issues
  • Increases your pet's self-esteem as well as the release of happy hormones
  • Decreases risk of obesity and help in weight loss
  • Decreases chances of cancers and diabetes

Maintaining the Right Weight
Keeping your dog's weight on the acceptable rate is vital for both their lifestyle and healthy life. Like humans, dogs can also suffer from many diseases if they become overweight. Some of the possible illnesses to watch out for are:

  • Diabetes
  • Heart Disease
  • Certain Cancers
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Arthritis
  • Decreased Energy
  • Reproductive Issues
  • Respiratory Disease
  • Heat Intolerance
  • Reduced Energy
  • Decreased Lifespan and Quality of Life

Looking Out for Their Oral Health
Another essential part of your dog's overall health is dental hygiene. This concern should be a part of their daily routine since it can get worse if not detected immediately, according to the American Veterinary Medical Association. It might not seem like a big deal, but periodontal concerns can lead to serious health issues such as heart disease, kidney disease, and pain. The bacteria found in the gums can go to the bloodstream and have adverse effects. But you should not worry since this can be prevented.

All you have to do is to have their teeth checked every year and make brushing their teeth a habit. You will find yourself slowly becoming comfortable with this routine. Some of the symptoms of gum disease you should watch out for are:

  • Red, swollen, or bleeding gums
  • Sensitive mouth
  • Bad breath
  • Excessive chewing
  • Pawing at the face
  • Loose teeth
  • Excessive chewing

Taking Preventive Measures and Medications from Fleas and Ticks
If fleas are not annoying enough, they also pose harmful effects for your dogs. Fleas are small external parasites that target mammalian blood. Their bites can also lead to some health concerns. Prevention is still the best measure you can take, but in case fleas are already present, it is still not too late to prevent it from becoming a large-scale infestation. With a prescription, you can buy flea-prevention medicine over the counter in the form of oral tablets and topical cream. You can also buy them in shampoos, soaps, sprays, and flea collars.

Talking to Your Pet
Communicating with them can help you have a special bond with your pet. It strengthens your relationship and provides you with a tighter connection. If your dog learns to understand your commands or what you are saying, they can quickly decipher your expectations and act accordingly. This makes your everyday life more convenient while increasing your dog's quality of living. There studies which concluded that your dog could learn up to around 165 words if you regularly use them over and over again when you are describing something.

Aside from all of these tips, it is also essential that you make your dog feel loved. Not only will it increase their lifespan but also yours by helping your blood pressure decrease. Living contentedly and happily with your dog can also decrease the risks of depression and anxiety.

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