The 5 Best Coral Reef Fish for Beginners

The “exotic” in “exotic fish” might make coral reef fish seem difficult to take care of.

But having aquatic companions doesn't have to be intimidating. After buying the right equipment, caring for exotic fish can simply entail rearranging their coral furniture and feeding them well.

Sounds easy enough, right? With a consistent feeding schedule and basic knowledge, you can start filling your tank with life.

Read on for five wonderful fish species you should add to your aquarium. You're bound to find at least one fish that speaks to you.

1. Clownfish

Disney Pixar's Finding Nemo starred a Clownfish as its titular character. But this fish species isn't popular only because of the film's release.

The Clownfish is also an easy new fish pet. They're adaptable, mate easily, and can be hand-fed.

Their diet is also low-maintenance. Clownfish eat frozen foods, algae, zooplankton, worms, small crustaceans, and dry pellets. They're very active and don't hide often, freely flaunting their beauty.

2. Dottyback

Dottybacks are gorgeous and thrive in saltwater tanks. Their snake-like swimming is also fun to watch, adding more dimension to their beauty.

Although this species is low-maintenance, prepare for their aggression and territoriality. To maintain Dottybacks' happiness, owners need to provide plenty of hiding spots in their tank.

Well-fed Dottybacks are also less likely to be cranky. This species eats a meat-based diet that usually involves dried or frozen shrimp.

3. Tangs

This species is wonderful for beginners, but also requires 100+ gallon marine aquariums. They're also popular because of their variety in color.

Otherwise, Tangs are adaptable and tough, thriving in many aquarium setups. Keep in mind that Tangs do better with fish from other species rather than their own, as they can be quite aggressive otherwise.

Tangs' diet is quite varied. While it's mostly algae-based, they'll also eat meaty foods like brine shrimp. They also take in other sorts of treats, which can make feeding them fun.

4. Raccoon Butterflyfish

There are many gorgeous types of Butterflyfish. The Raccoon Butterflyfish, however, is an easier coral reef fish to keep than others.

These Butterflyfish can be aggressive without proper care. But with many hiding spots and peaceful tankmates, their temperament will do fine.

However, these fish' appetites can be quite picky. Make sure you test their hunger with different foods before you buy the food in bulk.

They're omnivorous, and mainly eat algae, corals, and sponges. They also like small meaty crustaceans such as shrimp.

5. Firefish Goby

Firefish Goby make great beginner fish pets for both low-maintenance and aesthetics. Their striking colors and first dorsal fin also make them charmingly unique.

Keep in mind that Firefish Goby are docile and easily frightened. If you're going to group them with other fish pets, make sure you pair them with a Firefish Goby of the opposite sex or other docile tankmates. Otherwise, you'll never see them out of hiding or they might get eaten by larger, more aggressive fish.

You should also make sure you have a very large, covered tank. Firefish Goby are known to jump from their tank when frightened.

Find Peaceful Company in Coral Reef Fish

Caring for exotic fish may seem intimidating. But there are many gorgeous types of coral reef fish for different types of owners.

These fish are great company even with more experienced owners. So if you'd like a long-term aquatic partner for your coral reef aquarium, then use this list as a reference for your search!

If this guide helped you narrow down your search for exotic fish, then check out the rest of our site. We have plenty of similar information, and regularly post this type of content.

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