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Before administering it to your pets, let's take a few steps back to understand what this compound is. The most basic definition of it is that it is a cannabinoid. Cannabinoids are elements found within the marijuana plant. The cannabis plant contains several of them, and the last time they confirmed the number was in the 100s. Most stoners know of THC because it gets them high, but what about CBD?

Despite not enough research on the matter, veterinaries have endorsed the use of the compound on pets. Its range of benefits and availability in different types make it one of the hottest products on the market.

What is CBD?
Over the past few years, CBD has been growing in people as it is an alternative to tedious pharmaceutical medications. Ample research has been done on how it affects humans and benefits them. As the product became more popular, so did links such as https://askgrowers.com/cbd/cbd-products-for-pets/pet-cbd-oil that advocate using CBD for pets. Every concerned pet owner's first question is, are they safe for my pet babies?

CBD, unlike THC, is not as pronounced when feeling it at first use. On the contrary, it works by sending relaxing sensations and body calmness throughout the physical body. How this works is through its reaction with the brain. The compound has been proven to have anti-inflammatory properties that make it a valuable component in the medicinal world.

It can be taken as capsules, applied on the skin as oil, added to food as tinctures, and more. Most of these mediums are also available for pets. There are CBD oils, chews, bites, and drops.

Effects of CBD on Pets
What happens if your pet, dog, horse, or cat ingests CBD? Maybe you have seen funny videos online of cats and dogs seemingly high, looking all confused and dazed. This results from ingesting THC, but we are talking about CBD in this case.

The effects are almost similar to when human beings ingest it. As mentioned, the component has medicinal value attributed to its anti-inflammatory properties. Once consumed, it helps with pain management, anxiety, appetite issues, and more. In animals, this is also the same. Vets advocate for CBD when dealing with pets recovering from injuries, those with feeding problems, or restless ones who do not seem to want to calm down.

When given in appropriate doses, the cannabinoid works towards bettering the life of your furry friend, which is what any owner wants. So, what is the correct dosage?

Dosage of CBD For Pets
The issue of dosage mostly depends on the size. Vets recommend that for every 10 pounds of a pet, they should get between 1-5mg of the compound. If your dog weighs 30 pounds, then the maximum they should take is 15mg. If you want to play it safe, you can give them anything lower than that, and they will be okay.

When discussing dosage, it is also crucial to note that different products have different potencies. You can find pet chews that have 5mg of CBD each and others with over 20. It is up to you to read the labels and determine which is best suited for your pets. Also, it never hurts to consult a veterinary doctor. They will offer the needed support and advice on the best products.

Adverse Effects of Using CBD for your Pets
Due to instincts, new users will wonder if their pets have any risks. Would dropping some CBD oil in their water have any adverse reactions? At this point, individual differences come into play. The cannabinoid is generally safe for many pets, but you are dealing with processed products.

This means additional ingredients are in the finished product you buy from the stores. Some of these ingredients may be harmful to your pets. It is always better to look at the product label to determine whether they have any harmful ones. For instance, try to avoid ones with added sweeteners. Also, if your pet is allergic to some elements, it would be better to ascertain that the CBD product you buy does not contain them.

Another precursor to adverse effects comes in with the dosage. As mentioned, the recommended amount is 1-5mg per 10 pounds of the animal. What if you give it excessive amounts? Like humans, overdosing on the recommended quantity leads to negative symptoms.

The most evident ones include fatigue, diarrhea, and increased lethargy. Once it happens, whether intentionally or by mistake, you can take the pet to the vet or have it take a lot of water. The negative symptoms will stop after the CBD passes its system.

Some may be surprised to stumble upon pet CBD lines at their local supermarkets. Like people, pets stand to benefit from the anti-inflammatory properties of the cannabinoid. Investors have developed various products, from pet chews to oils, biscuits, and more. All these have differing levels of CBD that, once ingested, can benefit your pets. The only thing that matters is giving it appropriate amounts and avoiding any chances of overdosing.

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