Benefits Of Having An Aquarium At Home

Aquariums are awesome. Sure the humble aquarium might not fit under the stereotypical umbrella of “awesome” things. But think about this: when was the last time you passed by one and did not stop? See, people always stop to admire the beautiful fish and the tantalizing lights. Aquariums are not only awesome, they serve as a classy and beautiful addition to any person's home. There are a lot of benefits to an aquarium, plenty of which aren't outright or obvious.

Here we'll talk about all these benefits and then some, because if it wasn't listed out, it would probably be too good to be true.

The Zen of aquariums

Aquariums aren't just static things. You can't just get some water, dump a bunch of fish in there and let them waddle in the sink water. Keeping and caring for an aquarium takes time, patience, and care. Think of it like a garden in motion. It's a beautiful thing, yes. But the effort you put into getting the best aquarium equipment, finding an adequate space in your home, and making sure that it's clean, well kept, and healthy, is truly a zen and meditative process. This singular focus on the upkeep of a living thing has been getting people to refocus and be absolutely present for centuries. It is, at the very least, a hobby, and at its highest form, a zen art.

Stress reduction

Because of the zen nature of an aquarium, you'll start to see some no-so-subtle effects on your mood and demeanor. An aquarium has been shown to reduce stress and negative outlooks on individuals. Part of it is the upkeep and part of it is having a moving and calming body of water in your very home. There's a concept in the East of having flowing water in the home. As much as most modern people do not abide by these concepts, there sure is a whole lot of modern studies pointing to basic ideas such as moving water having the ability to reduce stress. In reducing stress, there is always a parallel effect of decreased blood pressure. They go hand in hand due to the sympathetic nature of raised look pressure. The panic decreases. The energy hits a pleasing tempo. With an aquarium, you reduce your stress, and as a byproduct, decrease your blood pressure.

Increased productivity

There's an odd effect when you have an aquarium is that your productivity increases. Having some fish around seems to clear the mind by having something to focus on. It's like the soft noise or raindrops. There's a physical rhythm that we latch onto and, before you know it, you've written out all the reports before the deadline. Having a living pets in your workplace has a profound impact on how well we work. This is great news for people who want to add something nice to their home office. The added benefit alone is worth it.

There are virtually no downsides to having an aquarium. The work alone contributes to a meditative practice. They help you become more productive, and they reduce stress. When is the last time you saw someone upset around an aquarium? Can't think of a time, right? This is because the benefits greatly outweigh the non-existent downsides. We're sure you'll love it.

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