5 Ways to Commemorate a Beloved Lost Pet

The loss of any pet is heartbreaking, yet there is no official protocol set for mourning their loss and commemorating a dear animal friend's passing. The bonds created between humans and their dog, cat, hamster, gerbil, parakeet, or goldfish are frequently as meaningful as those with human loved ones.

Of course, it's no secret animals offer unconditional love, joy, and friendship, with only a hope for comfort, food, and water in return. People who love animals and realize the value of such relationships want to find a way to show how much their pet meant to them.

If you've recently lost a dear pet, you might need closure and the ability to say a fond farewell. Here are five ways to commemorate your treasured pet.

1. Create a Special Memorial Spot

One increasingly popular way to commemorate a beloved lost pet is to create a memorial spot. The choice is yours: Some families cremate their deceased pet and place an urn on a table near their pet's favorite napping or playing area. You can also consider dedicating a small area in your backyard to them with an engraved marker or memorial stone. Any of these options give you a chance to take a moment to think of your sweet pet ever-so fondly.

2. Write a Pet Eulogy

At traditional memorial services, it's customary for people to write a short sentiment about their dearly departed family member or friend. When it comes to honoring the memory of your pet, why not write something special about the walks you've taken with your dog on a favorite trail or the way your cat made your home feel cozier? You can even ask a talented family member to put your words and feelings into a poem or commission a professional to do it for you.

3. Make a Memorial Photograph

Take a favorite photograph of your sweet pet and turn it into a shareable memento for everyone in your family. To get started, choose a single photo that sums up the smile you all see on your dog's face or a collage of your cat's most endearing moments. Then, place the photo in a frame and turn it into lasting photo gifts for everyone to enjoy.

4. Design Special Jewelry Pieces

Designing a special wearable piece to share with everyone whose life your pet touched can also serve as a fine way to honor their memory. Some ideas for jewelry pieces include necklace charms that feature your pet's nose print or paw print. From there, take the prints and have them cast in gold or silver, similar to the process of taking a human fingerprint. Ultimately, commemorative pet charms featuring your pet's name and prints offer you a way to keep their memory close to your heart.

5. Donate to an Animal Cause in Some Way

While most people don't want to find and adopt a new pet right away after losing a furry, finned, or feathered family member, they still may very wish to spend time around animals. To help feed that enthusiasm, you can help abandoned, neglected, or otherwise homeless animals in shelters or foster them in your home temporarily when you donate your time and generous spirit. You can also donate to a good cause in your pet's name and memory.

Find the Best Way to Commemorate Your Pet to Soothe Your Heart

With so different many ways to soothe your heart and spirit, it will still take time to heal from losing a close confidant and friend. However, taking real steps to honor your pet's memory can help ease the process. Creating photo art and jewelry, writing something special, devising a memorial spot, or redirecting your love through donations are all positive steps toward moving forward while keeping your beloved lost pet close to your heart.

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