Windows Mississauga Styles Compared

The process of replacing windows Mississauga can be complicated. It starts with deciding the right window designs for your home. When choosing windows, there are many things that you consider, such as energy efficiency, the requirements of your home, price, among other things. However, energy efficiency is what greatly influences the choice of many homeowners.

With so many window styles available in the market, it is essential to consider various factors depending on their weight when choosing a particular window design to use. This article will give you a comparison of various windows Mississauga designs so you can choose the right option depending on its pros and cons.

1. Slider Windows.

These are some of the most popular styles of windows that are used by homeowners across the whole of Mississauga. These styles come in two variations that include a double slider and the single slider. The difference between these two styles is that the double slider comes with two sashes that are operable while a single slider has only one operable sash.

Generally, slider windows are ideal for wider openings. They offer a great view of the outside and also allows light into your house. The opening can also be modified for great openings by changing the style to an end-vent configuration.

Another advantage of sliders windows Mississauga is that they can be cleaned easily when you chose the double pane tilt option, you can clean both sides without the need of a ladder.


One shortcoming of slider windows is that they are not energy efficient.

2. Awning Windows.

This window style is also suitable for wider openings.  However, they don't come in big sizes since the sash becomes bigger as the window gets bigger. So, if you are planning to have awning windows Mississauga, the best thing is to use a combination unit with a fixed window or two awning windows. This way, you will be able to enjoy all awning window advantages while maintaining the size.

Awning windows have a lot of benefits. Since it uses crack to open, it can be used in a high place to reach, such as over the kitchen sinks.

Since they open to the outside, they catch the breeze and offer the best ventilation as compared to slider windows. Another benefit that is not common with most window styles is that you can ventilate your room even when it is raining.


Awning window replacement Mississauga also has its share of drawbacks. One is the size limit. Also, if they are misused, their functionality reduces. For instance, overtightening the crack may cause the sash to deform and loosen the crank with time. That may compromise energy efficient, which will make you end up paying more on energy bills.

Another thing to remember when choosing awning windows Mississauga is the available space outside and the ease of cleaning. They cannot be washed from the inside, and therefore, experts recommend to be installed on lower walls for easier cleaning.

3. Hung Windows.

These window styles exist in two designs: double hung and single hung. The double hung is composed of two operable sashes while single hung has one. One major advantage of these designs of windows is their ability to offer ventilation of your room. The double hung allow you to open the top pane, the other pane remaining closed. This is important for the security of your pets and kids. It also keeps the room ventilated.

Hung windows are also easy to clean and operate.


The major disadvantage of hung window styles is energy efficiency. Another drawback is the horizontal bar that hinders the unobstructed view of the outside.

4. Casement Windows.

Casement windows Mississauga offers excellent ventilation.  Unlike the slider and other window styles, this window design opens wholly to provide maximum ventilation. The window also offers superior energy efficiency. It has a compression seal that offers a tight seal that prevents any air transference.

Besides, these windows can be used in high to reach places, are effortless to clean and offer great security.


If used wrongly its functionality can be compromised.

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