Why Spontaneity is Important To Brand Recognition

Brand recognition is a subject that affects most people and not just those whose job it is to influence how well brands are recognized. To put it simply, it is a basic recognition that people may have for a product or establishment. This means that people have seen it before, even if they may not be able to exactly say what it is or what it does. Let us explore why spontaneity is important for building the brand recognition of a product, service, or establishment.

The Relationship of Spontaneity and Recognition

There are two factors for brand recognition, they are spontaneous and aided recall. Spontaneous recall refers to a product, service, or establishment that is immediately remembered by people for something. Aided recall means that they still have to be prompted in order to be remembered. There are brands of products or services whose work in advertising and marketing over the years have built their brand recognition in an area to the point that when people see the brand logo or name, they react with a spontaneous recall of what it is all about.

There are many ways to build spontaneous recall of a product or establishment. A multimedia advertising campaign is a way of flooding a physical or virtual space with information about a brand in the hopes that many people will absorb this and become conditioned into remembering a brand. Another way is to contrive a spontaneous event such as the one that happened at the Satellite in Silverlake which is a small bar in Los Angeles that suddenly was hosting a big star. Lady Gaga performed a surprise and exclusive show there. This kind of spontaneous event created a positive buzz about Satellite so that afterward many people immediately associate the establishment to cool and spontaneous events with big stars.

Types of Brand Recognition 

Brand rejection means that a product or service is recognized by people, but with attached negative perceptions about it. Perhaps something happened that cast a negative shadow on that brand and it has not been able to recover from it.

Brand non-recognition just means that people have no idea what product or service is connected with a certain brand. Their reaction is neutral. The brand is at square one as far as people are concerned.

The brand preference means that people know about the product or service and have had good experiences with it. They would choose to buy the product or avail of the service again. This is the most favorable type of recognition for a brand to have.

For a brand, whether it is a product or service, the recognition that it would like to have with as many people possible is that of brand preference. However, this kind of recognition has to be built by positive experiences for the consumer. Any form of negative experience will tilt the recognition towards negative perception. Spontaneity in the form of pleasant surprises that people can have as a way to experience the product or service that a brand has to offer is the best way to build brand recognition with people who have not yet been exposed to a brand have not formed any opinions yet.

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