Why Should You Sell Your Life Insurance Policy?

Among the many assets and valuable belongings you possess, you can now consider your life insurance policy one of them. A lot of people are unaware of the fact that selling their life insurance policy can provide them with a number of benefits. Buying it definitely entails many advantages, especially for people who live on paychecks every month without any concrete savings. It is extremely beneficial during unexpected deaths or during times of tax collection. However, selling your life insurance policy can maybe procure more benefits in some cases.

The benefits and value of selling your life insurance can depend on a lot of factors. For instance, your age, gender, the company that issued your insurance, your health and medical status, debt and several other factors are taken into consideration to accurately calculate what your life insurance policy would be worth. The insurance gurus at QLifeSettlements came up with a guide that provides an astute way of calculating the return value of your policy. If you don't want to work on the process yourself, you can also get the value of your policy checked through a precise procedure involving quotes and details from your insurance company and doctor. Depending on this, you can decide whether you want to sell your life insurance or not. 

However, what are the benefits of selling your insurance policy? Let's find out.

You Can Receive a Great Settlement 

If you find a potential buyer, you can get a settlement claim up to 20% of the size of your policy. When you make a deal of selling your policy to a company or buyer, you might have to agree to certain terms. This deal is also known as ‘life settlement' or ‘viatical settlement', depending on the situation. A viatical settlement involves agreeing to sell your life insurance policy if you're suffering from any terminal illness or are informed of a life expectancy less than 2 years. In this case, you've more chances of selling your policy at a higher rate. You can use the money to pay debts, invest in any asset, or pass it down to your heirs.

Your Retirement is Taken Care Of

If you're planning to retire or are already retired, you can definitely plan to sell your life insurance to upgrade your lifestyle. If your insurance policy is large-sized, there's no doubt that you'll receive a huge sum of money. At times, your pension money isn't enough to sustain your lifestyle. This is when the policy money can help. It can also help cover unexpected costs while you aren't working or when you don't have enough savings. Your retirement gives you enough time to chase or experience things that you've always wanted to do. Yet, in situations with little or no money, these dreams can be difficult to fulfill. Selling your life insurance can help here. It's time to take that cruise with your spouse or the trip with your family that you've been dreaming of. 

Be Prepared for Medical Emergencies

Old age can mean a lot of unwanted medical bills. While any ill person is obliged to pay their medical bills over a certain period of time, any healthy couple can face the consequences of bad health at any point. Selling your life insurance policy helps you receive a fair amount of money that can cover all your medical costs including major surgeries and expensive drug prescriptions. Apart from this, you can also start saving for further unexpected medical costs, depending on your situation and insurance size. Basically, it can keep you majorly covered and prepared for any kind of medical emergencies.

You Can Avoid Premium Payments

As you age, you need to pay higher premium installments to sustain your life insurance policy. With an already expensive lifestyle and endless bills, this added expense of paying your premium can majorly unbalance your monthly budget. You don't want the additional hassle of paying your premium when you're already struggling to pay your bills and medical expenses. To top it, missing a premium can lapse your policy, which won't ensure your claim for death benefits. Even though you're provided with a grace period to save your policy from lapsing, it's just too nerve-wracking to keep it all together. It's wiser to sell your insurance policy and convert it into a profitable asset because more than half of life insurance policies lapse. You'll save the premium money every month and receive a fair amount of cash. 

You'll definitely face arguments and debates on selling your life insurance policy. Nevertheless, depending on certain situations, it's actually much more beneficial to sell it instead of sustaining it, especially when your dependents don't need the policy benefits. 

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