Why Every Business Should Consider Sponsoring A Local Club

Local businesses sponsoring a sports team means that the team can focus on training and development instead of focusing on fundraising for simple things like jerseys, equipment, and facilities. 

There is a wealth of reasons why every business, both local and national, should be sponsoring their community sports clubs. It is often a win-win scenario–by helping out, you can also build relationships with potential customers. Even if you are a small business or a new start-up, if your business finances the local teams in any way, shape, or form, you will be welcomed into the community with open arms.

The Advantages of Sponsoring Local Teams

Sponsorship is a Powerful Marketing Tool

If you look at the marketing strategies of big-name brands, you can rest assured that they have set aside a budget for sponsorship deals. For instance, they are sponsoring big teams in premiership football or top athletes in high-profile sports. This strategy can even pay off for smaller businesses with local teams, too. 

Sponsoring a sports team gets your brand name out amongst the local community. You can drive sales by getting your brand's name, logo, and signage around the club and on the team kits and jerseys, helping build awareness with the team, hence promoting your business. 

It's a form of opportunistic advertising–you are giving back to the community and generate brand awareness, at the same time, giving you a return on investment.

Market to a New Demographic

Sponsoring a sports team allows you to market to a new area demographic that you otherwise may have struggled to compete in. This can set you apart from competitors who have a larger marketing budget. 

If you sponsor a team that plays a lot of away games, this can make your brand highly visible to not only the local team and supporters but all the opposition's teams and supporters throughout the season. This will drive marketing exposure in new areas and to a potential new market.

Help Out the Community

There is a lot to be said for the feeling you get from doing a good deed, but sponsoring a local sports club has its own rewards. For one, sports club members within the local communities are fiercely loyal. If they see you doing your bit for the local team, they will be sure to get out and help support your business. For instance, they will visit your store, buy from your site, or your business will be the first they recommend when someone needs something.  

Sponsoring teams also help improve your business credibility and your local public image. As the saying goes, ‘one good turn deserves another!'

Methods of Sponsorship

Sponsor the Jersey

If you sponsor the local team's jersey, you can guarantee marketing exposure for your brand by having your company name or logo printed onto the team kit and club gear. Whether it's through the players wearing the jersey at high profile games, supporters buying replica jerseys, or the news media reporting the team and taking pictures for the local paper, your company will surely be seen and recognised by people. 

Thus, if you consider a sports jersey as an advertising space, you can create significant publicity from a comparatively small investment.

Gift Tournament Marquees

Most teams will take part in community events and sports tournaments nationally. That being said, a great way to sponsor their events is through marquees and stalls that are aimed at team merchandise or team promotion. 

For instance, you can invest in a technishelter marquee for the local kid's rugby team that has your custom branding printed on it, which can be used regardless of the weather. Parents can stand under the marquee for shade or it can be used as a stall to sell the club merchandise at the community festival. 

The team will appreciate a marquee at tournaments when they are waiting for their next game to begin. They are also easy to put and take down, as well as being compact enough to transport it to and from games.

Purchase Pitch Advertising

You can also pay the club for a yearly advertising spot at the community sports facilities and around the pitch boundaries for billboards that have your advertising and branding. Here, you can promote new deals or products and then offer discounts for members of the sports club, in turn, expanding your consumer base. 

This is a great way to get noticed particularly if you own a small business or a new start-up as this is a welcomed form of advertising, unlike most marketing nowadays, which is often tuned out or dismissed by the public. 

People attending sports events are generally interested in the businesses that are helping finance their favourite teams. Thus, they'll take notice and vow to support you in return.

Feed the Fans

This would be a great opportunity for local catering and produce business. The local butcher can sponsor a sausage sizzle at half time or the local pub can provide the alcohol and soft drinks for a team event. In exchange, you can ask for media exposure in the team write up, on the team's website or social media, or advertising in the club newsletter that is mailed out to all members. 

With this, you can almost guarantee that the team and fans will soon become your patrons.

Get Started

Your local team will be delighted with the offer of sponsorship to help them move forward and focus on the young people and their dedication to their sport. Set up a meeting with the local team's sponsorship coordinator and have a discussion. 

You don't have to commit right away, but the club will be delighted to discuss different sponsorship options with you. Remember this is a two-way street–sponsorship is not solely about what you can do for the team but also what the team can do for your business.

If your business has never considered sponsoring a local sports team, now is the time to do so! Bearing in mind the current climate, there is a huge focus on community spirit and a lot to be said for ‘doing your bit' in your local area.

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