Why do Cable Companies Push You to Bundle Services?

Telecommunication services are the center of modern living. Can you imagine spending a single day without once reaching out for the television remote, or your web-connected laptop, or even your telephone, for that matter? No. Because these technological facilities fill in the gaps and complete your life. They take menial drudgery out of the equation and offer a seamless and a far more convenient solution to day-to-day problems. Multiple providers deliver the internet, cable TV, and home phone services in their own way to consumers. However, if you look beyond the unique selling points and make a comparison between them, you'll notice one obvious similarity, i.e. the presence of bundles. Bundles are combinations of services, which could be double-plays or triple-plays. Why do cable companies and other service providers insist on bundling services? Why are these bundles always advertised in the most appealing way possible? What's in it for you? Stay tuned to find out.

Bundles Give You More for Less

Let's consider two kinds of buyers. The first one purchases an internet plan for around $50 per month, and a standalone phone plan for $29.99 per month, both separately. The promised download speed is 100 Mbps and the phone service comes with unlimited calling. Whereas, the second buyer gets a bundle of 100 Mbps internet and pairs it with an unlimited home phone for a total price tag of $60 per month. In this double play, the individual prices of both the internet and phone services are reduced significantly, providing greater convenience to the customer. Which one of the two buyers do you think landed a sweeter deal? The second one, right? This is how bundling gives you more for less.

Bundles Save You Time & Effort

There are so many bills to take care of at the end of the month, from education to healthcare to utilities. You are already tied up and surrounded by invoices as it is. The addition of new bills will only frustrate you further. That is why cable companies encourage you to go for bundles instead of purchasing standalone telecom services. For instance, if you get any of the amazing Cox cable deals for your home, you will receive only a single bill at the end of the month, instead of two or three separate ones. That one bill will list all the plans you've subscribed to, and by clearing it, you'll be free to go on as before. Moreover, you can enroll in EasyPay to relieve yourself of the extra effort, since it is an automated and safe recurring payment program. So, bundles are not only cost-effective but they also save you precious time.

Bundles are Customizable

As a customer, you should have the freedom to choose whatever you want, but that's not the case in real life. Often, you have to saddle with provider-defined plans and limits. This is how you end up paying more for something you may not have even wanted in the first place, but had no choice in the matter. It all stops when you bundle. Most of the providers do give you the option to customize your bundle the way you wish. Don't want those extra channels? Subtract them from your package. Need more download power? Apply for an upgrade. This is how, because of customization and personalization, you get a chance to create a telecom bundle that's perfect for your home.

Bundles Land You Promotions

Who doesn't like free stuff? I know I do. If you compare a standalone plan with a bundle, you'll see that the latter comes riding along with promotions and discounts. Most of the internet, cable TV and phone bundles in the market either include a $100 Amazon gift card, a free-of-cost 360° Security Suite or a free, albeit limited, subscription to premium channels like HBO®, SHOWTIME®, CINEMAX® or EPIX®, of your choice. Cable companies nearly always buff up their bundles to entice you into purchasing more, while also making sure that you get ten times more value in return.

Bundles Allow Space for Negotiation

The U.S. telecom market is quite saturated, which means that the competition between the telecom providers is sky-high. Each provider tries to retain its current subscribers, while also expanding its influence across the States. More customers mean more revenue and a greater edge over the competitors. This is why cable providers urge you to purchase internet, cable television, and phone services collectivity in the form of bundles because it helps them stay afloat in an already turbulent market. Herein lies your advantage. Because providers are so desperate to grow their subscriber count and to hold on to their current leads, they will do anything to keep you interested, even waive off installation, reconnection, and other fees, given that you buy a bundle from them. So, bundling gives you more power to negotiate with the provider and bring the ball in your court.

Wrapping Up

So, why do cable companies push you to bundle services? Because bundles are cost-effective, timesaving, convenient, customizable, styled with promotions, and in your favor, overall.

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