When To Start Considering A Career Change

Have you been doing the same job year in year out and are not enjoying it anymore? Do you wake up and dread going in? Is the earning potential in your current job capped? These are all things that may lead you towards considering a career change. It's never too late to change jobs and retrain. In fact, there are many courses and ways to retrain so that you can find that dream job that will have you getting excited to go to work. Below are four signs you may need a career change. 

Low In Motivation 

What are your motivation levels at work? Are you passionate about what you do and eager to impress others or are you happy to just sail along and get the job done? If you have been working for the same company for a while, you may find it's time for a change. This is where a new career could help you, it could relight your spark and have you being excited to go to work. If you aren't very motivated it can be hard to want to go the extra mile or to provide a service at the best of your ability. Plus, if you aren't motivated, chances are you're not impressing others resulting in fewer pay raises or bonuses. 

Dreaming Of A Different Career 

This is a big sign that enough is enough and you should consider leaving to pursue your passions. Sure you may feel scared to leave and try something new, but in the long run, it is worth it. After all, ask yourself what is the worst that can happen? If it doesn't work you can always go back to a similar job that you are currently doing but with a different company. A Lot of people never take the risk and stay unhappy at work because they are scared. If you aren't sure about what your dream job would be like, then why not volunteer in your spare time to try it out. 

You Are Jealous Of Your Friends Jobs 

If you find yourself feeling jealous about what your friends do for their jobs, then this is a good sign that maybe your job isn't for you. Instead of dismissing your jealousy and continuing what you are doing but being unhappy, try and access your options and see if you can find a way to swap careers? It is worth reminding yourself that other people's jobs may not be as good as they seem. It could be that behind the curtains they are unhappy and that you wouldn't want to do their job if you got offered it. 

You've Hit Your Max Earnings 

After years and years of working in a certain industry, you may have progressed to the top and not be able to go any further. Although this is a great achievement, if money is a motivator for you and you know you can't earn anymore, then this could lead you to be unhappy. By changing careers you can use some of the skills you have learnt that got you where you are but be able to earn a greater income in a different industry. For example, if you enjoy law then the earning potential is high and you could join a great personal injury law firm.

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