When Do You Actually Need an Injury Lawyer

Accidents and injuries can happen to anyone at any time. Sometimes they occur at work and other times on the road or at home. Most cases that occur at work are usually handled by workers' compensation programs. If the accident occurs outside work, the state will conduct investigations to determine those at fault (responsible for 51% of the accident). It is advisable to hire an injury attorney immediately following the accident. Nonetheless, it can be tempting to handle everything on your own. However, injury lawyers are experienced in such matters and can help you in negotiating your deserved compensation for the accident.

Not all accidents and injuries require an attorney – but you should definitely call one if any of the following befalls you.

1. You suffered serious bodily injuries

If the accident results in broken bones or serious bodily injuries that cause extended hospital stay or lifetime care, then you will need an attorney. The medical cost and compensation for such injuries are often very expensive and even insurance companies will try to shortchange the client. A professional injury attorney can help you bargain the right compensation and force insurance companies to implement the proper policies to cover your injuries.

2. If there are serious long-term implications

Accidents may render you unable to work for a long time. If the doctor anticipates long-term implications on your health that will require lifestyle changes for the rest of your life, it is only right to get the appropriate compensation. Your lawyer will negotiate with insurance providers and at-fault parties to determine the compensation schedule. Injuries may also keep you away from school or your favorite activities. Within the law, you have the right to compensation for the financial losses and inconveniences.

3. Emotional pain and suffering

Besides bodily injuries, accidents may result in emotional trauma and suffering in both adults and children. The effects are much more severe in children, especially if they witness severe cuts and body injuries. Most states allow victims to claim compensation for emotional trauma and Hare Wynn in Lexington, KY can help you negotiate the deserved compensation. Minor or adult, no one wants to have to be tormented by pain from past occurrences for the better part of their lives.

4. High medical costs

As aforementioned, not all injuries will require compensation. However, some injuries such as broken bones may require a fortune to treat. If your medical bills cost more than a thousand dollars, then hiring an attorney to help you claim compensation is the right thing to do.

Other times to hire an injury lawyer

There are many other situations where an injury attorney will help you claim compensations following an injury. Essentially, you should call an attorney as soon as possible to start collecting information and filing a case. This is particularly important in the following cases;

  • Falsified police reports and conflicting medical records
  • If more than one person is injured during the accident
  • If there is a life lost in the accident
  • If the accident occurs in a construction zone or a commercial facility like a public swimming pool
  • If it is not clear whose fault the accident was
  • If the insurance company is trying to avoid your case

Recovering after an accident that causes bodily injury or emotional trauma can be overwhelming, especially if you have to be hospitalized. It is advisable to quickly take care of the injuries by first visiting the hospital. You can then begin filling a compensation claim to cover your medical bills, injuries and other losses. Make sure to carefully review your offers before hiring an attorney. Only work with professional lawyers who are experienced negotiating personal injury cases.

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