What’s Next in the World of Brand Building?

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Branding is something that experts study endlessly and customers look for without even knowing it. Today, it's one of the biggest influences in shoppers' minds, but the old tricks aren't working. Something like a good logo or even a strong social media game alone are not enough. The 2020 COVID-19 pandemic furthered the competition within numerous industries and markets, and there's more competition than ever. So, where does branding come in?

There's not a single business that can thrive without branding. Rather than focusing on old methods that may or may not work, the future of brand building is in trends that expand customer interaction and embrace technology. Here are some of the top trends to watch in branding. Using these startup branding agency tips will make a huge difference in 2021 and beyond.

Dynamic Logos
One single logo won't get the job done anymore. A variety of graphics that can work against numerous colors and tones will make all the difference as the world continues to ebb and flow with different seasons, trends, and accessibility-friendly hues.

Let's not forget too that we're in an increasingly mobile world. A logo that works on desktop might not look so good on mobile. Having an array of sizes and designs at the ready means that you can get your brand onto any screen, anywhere.

Social Media Branding – Posting with Purpose
Something shifted in the last five years in regards to brands on social media. Simply being on social media won't cut it anymore. Now, you need to instill a brand in your social media presence that goes beyond just having an account.

What does this look like? Well, hashtags are the easiest way to start developing a brand on social platforms. Something that simply throws a hashtag symbol in front of your brand name is okay, but you can do better. Coming up with a hashtag to start implementing in your posts that connects with your business' voice and posture online can slowly become a defining part of your brand. That might be something like #IWoreIt for a clothing company, or even #GoodDayGreatStart for a coffee company.

Inclusivity Everywhere
When it comes to a brand that resonates with customers, leaving out huge portions of your potential audience means you're setting yourself up for mitigated success. That said, you can easily start to highlight a key portion of your audience by simply showing everyone within your branded marketing efforts.

For example, instead of only showing white people in your marketing images, show people from a diverse array of backgrounds. This is what the world looks like and it's what an inclusive brand's marketing materials look like too.

Technology Minded Branding
When it comes to expanding a brand, there's no better place to start to look for growth than technology. Everything from AI chat bots to AR features in a mobile app can go beyond what a normal brand offers and show that you're at the cutting edge of technological advances in your industry.

It's not just about being on a platform or technology either. It can fit directly into what you make your brand in terms of lifestyle and ideological outlook. For example, if you have a brand that connects to active lifestyle choices, having a smart watch app that can intwine your brand with a workout could be a great way to acclimate audiences to your brand's purpose and characteristics.

Branding isn't a formula; you can't put multiple features together and always get the same result. Working towards a better brand by watching trends is the best way to keep up with the latest and grow in every way that's possible. Keep an eye on these trends and more in the future and your brand, and business, will thank you.

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