What Should I Do After a Car Accident That Wasn’t My Fault?

Being involved in an accident that you had nothing to do with can be painful. The injuries, car damages, and work stoppage can leave you with questions on why it had to happen. Luckily there are things one could do and cushion the woes.

You cannot undo the accident, but at least you have the opportunity to fight for compensation for the financial losses. This blog focuses on the things you could consider when you are the party not at fault.

Gather Information

After the road crash, the next crucial thing is getting enough information. This is where you obtain the details of the other driver's insurance company name and the policy details. Remember to get the information on the name, address, and the vehicle's registration number.

It is also relevant to take contacts of witnesses at the accident scene and some of their statements. Having some photos and video coverage of the scene is significant as it adds to the evidence collection. Calling the police is also crucial as they will take pivotal statements at the later stages of the lawsuit.

Filing a Third-Party Claim

Since you are not the party at fault, the other driver needs to cater to your expenses after the accident. However, whenever you file a claim with someone else's insurance company, this becomes a third-party claim.There are times when the insurance may lack cooperation hence refuse to fulfill your duty. 

Unfortunately, the at-fault driver's insurance won't pay.There are online sites with details on what you could do from here. While on this page online, you can get options on the things you may consider. The practical strategies calm your nerves as you know everything's not lost.

File a Claim With Your Insurance Company

If the other party's insurance shows no interest in doing as they should, the right thing is to file a first-party claim. Filing the claim with your insurer is the correct switch as it will bear good fruits. This is the main reason you are paying your premiums in the first place. It is relatively more effortless and time-saving to deal with your insurance firm, especially loyal customers.

If you carry collision coverage, the firm will assist with the repairing bill. The only drawback is that you have to pay the collision coverage deductible from your pocket. From this, there will be a net reduction in the insurance payout.

Out of Court Settlement

The other worthy option is engaging the at-fault driver in a settlement out of the legal process. This may turn out to be time-saving and inexpensive. Success always comes when both parties commit.

The liable party specifically needs to do its level best in fulfilling the payment promises. The best thing is to have accurate figures on the compensation amount. Do perfect damage estimation and also include the future expenses which could arise. It makes the settlement fair to you.

The Court Process

You could be in a situation where the settlement offer is unreasonably low, and the insurance route is not promising. This is usually the time to call a lawyer and proceed to the courts. A personal injury lawyer knows to file a strong case against the at-fault driver. They will represent you accordingly in court and make the court see the need for your compensation. Finding the best attorneys in town is essential.

Being involved in an accident that you never caused needs you to seek justice through filing for compensation. You can do this with the at-fault driver's insurance, but if things don't materialize, you can always file with your insurer. There is also the option of an out-of-court settlement. Finding a personal injury attorney is significant as well when you decide to take the matter to court.

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