What Makes Auto Shipping Better Than Driving?

Moving tends to be quite demanding and exciting at the same time. The idea that you will be shifting into a new location and experiencing new ideas, lifestyles as well as making new friends can be inviting. On the other hand, the logistics of moving everything, including your cars from your old home to the new one can be quite overwhelming.

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You will need to decide on the best time to start moving, how to move all the furniture, and finally, how to get your car into the new location. One decision that baffles most home movers is whether they should ship their car or simply drive it into their new residence. Ideally, the decision should depend on whether you have the time, budget, and energy to drive or ship your car.

Here are four reasons why shipping your car might be the better option:

The Cost Factor

Sure, driving your car to your new home might seem like a great idea if the new home is quite close to your old one, but the costs pile up with every extra mile, according to ExecutiveAutoShippers.com. Fuel costs aren't the only costs that you need to take into account. Since the journey may take a few days, you have to account for the costs of accommodation and food.

While you can choose to sleep at a relative’s place along the way or even carry your own food, there is still more to factor in. You will need to pay for parking and toll fees. In case your car’s tire busts or it breaks down on the road, you will have to cover this cost. The alternative of having the car shipped ensures that you can enjoy moving without minding these costs.

Do You Have the Time?

A road trip across the country from coast to coast can last up to six days, according to Forbes. In most cases, the chances are that you and your family do not have this much time on your hands to waste on the road. Kids have to go to study while you still have to work.

If you happen to have the time, it might be easier to use it to prepare your new home and get to meet new people. The faster you can become comfortable with your new home, the easier it will be for your life to get back to normal. It might be better to ship the car and fly to your new location.

Will It Be Safe Enough?

Driving your car across the country can expose it to a bevy of safety risks. For instance, there is a chance that you will strain your ride with the extra miles, not to mention the chance of exposing it to inclement weather such as thunderstorms and snowfalls. Additionally, there is also the issue of theft or even accidents along the road.

Once you choose professional shippers, you can have some peace of mind that they will protect you and your car from such safety issues. In fact, you can prevent any damage from your car if you choose to ship it while in an enclosed truck.

Shipping is More Convenient

It might not be comfortable enough to move with pets and kids in your car for long distances. You will also have to worry about road and weather conditions, traffic issues, and even accommodation. The worst will be if the car breaks down in the middle of nowhere.

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While this might mean quality time with your family members, it might be quite frustrating to put them through this. Furthermore, busy daily schedules might not allow you all this time.


Of course, driving has its advantages over shipping your car. However, the risks it poses might be worth paying the price for shipping your vehicle. Assess your situation carefully to ensure that you have the budget and time for the option you choose.

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