What is a Super Top-Up Health Plan and What are Its Benefits?

Amid a sudden medical emergency, your regular health insurance policy might fall short. Your medical bills may surpass the sum insured in some situations, forcing you to pay the difference out of your pocket. You can bridge this gap with a super top up health insurance. This is why it's critical to protect yourself and your family from any unexpected medical disaster in the wake of an ongoing pandemic and escalating healthcare expenditures.

Let's understand how a super top-up plan works!

Solid health insurance coverage will assist you in navigating the financial obligations associated with hospitalisation and treatment fees for yourself or your loved ones. In cases where your health insurance policy does not provide appropriate coverage, a super top-up plan helps you cover the shortfall, saving you from incurring any unexpected financial obligations.

The following are some reasons you should consider getting a super top-up plan in addition to health insurance. But first, let's define a super top-up health plan.

What is a Super Top-up Health Plan?
Over and above the deductible amount, a super top-up plan covers the hospital expenditure up to the sum insured of the plan. As a result, after your deductible is met, your super top-up policy kicks in for future claims. It covers all expenses from in-patient hospitalisation to post-hospitalisation routine check-ups and health checks.

The following are some of the advantages of a super top-up medical policy:

  1. Greater Sum Insured
    You can expand your coverage amount over and above your standard health plan by paying a slightly higher premium for a super top-up plan.
  2. Expanded coverage
    Suppose your current health cover does not provide no-claim bonus or annual health check-ups, you can get an additional super top-up health plan to enhance the coverage.
  3. Deductibles Are Only Paid Once
    You only have to pay the deductible only once under super top-up insurance, and you can raise a claim as many times as you need during the policy period, subject to policy terms
  4. Seniors And Parents Will Benefit from More Coverage
    Expanding health insurance coverage for the elderly or near-elderly improves their health by keep financial worries at bay. However, the cost of a separate health insurance for the elderly and seniors is usually high and unbearable for many. A super top-up plan allows you to increase the coverage for everyone, including your parents while keeping your healthbudget intact.
  5. Additional Tax Benefits
    A super top-up health plan, like all other health insurance policies, offers tax benefits on the premium paid. You can avail up to INR 75,000 under tax deductions under super top-up policies.
  6. Only One Policy for The Entire Family
    The extra cushioning of the sum insured can be used to cover your entire family, saving you from the pain of handling multiple health plans.
  7. Discounts for Multiple Year Policies
    When purchasing a health insurance super top-up plan for more than a year, you can take advantage of a long-term policy discount. With premium discounts on a two-year and three-year policy, you can focus on increasing your savings.
  8. Complete Protection
    Other medical expenses that may not be incurred during medical treatment, such as doctor's consultations, medication, follow-up visits, and so on, will be covered under the plan, providing you with comprehensive financial safety.
  9. Free Look Period
    Top firms, such as Care Health Insurance, assist you in analysing your decision to purchase a super top-up plan coverage, and you can cancel and return it if it does not match your healthcare needs. From the date of receipt of the policy, you have 15 days to review it for free.
  10. Cashless Hospitalisation Facility
    With health insurers  like Care Health Insurance, you can avail of a cashelss hospitalisation facility with a vast nework of cashless healthcare providers across India. With comprehensive healthcare services, their network hospitlas provide quality medical treatment without any hassle or disruptions.
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