Want to Manage Your Patient Appointments Better? Three Reasons to Try an EHR System

Managing all of your patients has never been a simple or easy task. You have to schedule appointments, keep track of patients, manage their payments, and send them reminders.

That's why healthcare providers everywhere are using EHR. This new technology is designed to provide medical professionals and patients with fast access to important medical records and other pertinent information, streamlining care and making management much easier.

Not sure what an EHR practice management system is capable of? Keep reading to learn why you should use this technology in your practice.

1) It Solves The Data Entry Problem

Doctors spend an enormous amount of time working on data entries at a desk. Unfortunately, this is a necessary evil. Doctors need to do this data entry to keep track of who their patients are, what they've discussed with the patient, how much to charge each one, and so on.

If only it wasn't some time-consuming and tedious. Because of this, most doctors spend most of their work hours just plugging numbers into a computer instead of working with patients face to face.

That's where an EHR comes in. An EHR, or an Electronic Health Record, is a patient's entire medical record. However, this record is fully digital instead of the record being on numerous sheets of paper and collecting dust in a filing cabinet.

2) It Makes Management Easier

The beauty of an EHR is that you can transfer data quickly between several medical practices. This allows the patient to go to the most convenient or switch practices based on their needs.

With this system, doctors can easily organize their patient information and appointment schedule by type and severity. It also gives doctors the ability to send out electronic appointment reminders instantaneously.

Doctors who like to see things on paper can easily print off appointment reports. This shows them which of their appointments were canceled or when the patient did not show up. This system also informs doctors of when EHR reports have been successfully transferred and received by another practice.

In addition to the benefits that this management system provides for doctors and their patients, it also streamlines communication throughout the entire office. With this system comes the Practice Home Queue, a task management system that allows everyone to see and know what they need to do each day.

3) Patients Prefer This System

This system brings significant benefits to the patient. At any point, your patients can ask to have their records transferred to any practice in the United States.

This is especially appealing to older patients who may wish to have their records transferred to a practice that is closer to where they live. No more phone calls to the doctor's office or hospital wondering when you will deliver medical records or test results; the patient will receive a notification that their information is ready.

Also, patients who may need to see a different doctor for their condition can have their records transferred. This allows the new doctor to look at and understand the medical record more easily. This will enable the patient to spend less time explaining their problem to the new doctor.

The EHR Practice Management System is Better For Everyone

At first, switching to new management software may seem daunting. However, you will no longer have to spend countless hours entering patient information into a spreadsheet. Your entire practice will stay on top of tasks, and scheduling appointments will be more accessible than ever.

This software makes the lives of patients and doctors everywhere much easier, and it's bound to have a positive effect on your practice as well.

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