Using coloured paper envelopes to captivate the marketplace

Businesses are always looking for ways to differentiate themselves from the competition, and many spend thousands searching for a clear method of capturing the attention of their customers. There is a much cheaper, simpler, and easier way of doing it, however, and it's as simple as using coloured paper envelopes.

Doing so is an excellent way for all businesses and entrepreneurs to both cement their brand identity, and capture the valuable attention of customers in a crowded marketplace. With offline marketing and mail still being such a popular method of communication and promotion, no business can afford to miss out on such an effective tool.

Using colour
Colour is a highly powerful tool when it comes to communication, yet many businesses don't understand the subconscious message they're sending with the colour choices they use.

This is where a basic understanding of the psychology of colour becomes invaluable. With a clear understanding of what moods and emotions certain colours trigger, it's easier for a business to better understand the colours they should be using. For example, light shades of blue for a more calm and relaxed mood, and darker vibrant shades of red for a more dynamic and passionate mood. Begin experimenting, and tailor the colour to the nature of the mail.

Being different
Virtually all businesses use the same off white and brown envelopes for their mail, and it quickly becomes a blur in the minds of the recipients. When a person has three mid-brown envelopes in front of them, they're not compelled to open any particular one of them, if any.

Something different, something unique, something eye-catching encourages recipients to open the mail they've been sent. If clear effort has been shown in trying to capture their attention or their imagination, they're more likely to react by opening the mail they've been sent. Mail shots aren't expensive, but any money wasted is to be avoided, which means the slight investment it requires to ensure mail isn't just thrown away is one to be considered.

There are so many reasons to send mail – whether it is a promotional giveaway, an event, sending out product catalogues and brochures. Lack of engagement comes when there a perceived lack of individuality; when a recipient feels like their mail doesn't look like anything special they're not going to be inclined to think there's a particular reason to open it.

Unified branding
Branding is the core of any business, and altering the colour scheme of the envelopes used in official mail is an excellent way to continue that cohesive brand message. Look at the biggest brands in the world, they all have a unified design language and colour scheme throughout every communication channel – mail shots should be no different. This makes it an easy and affordable way for even the smallest businesses to enhance their appeal and perceived experience.

Coloured envelopes are so easy to print in all manner of colour schemes, which means there's no excuse not to try them. The results will speak for themselves.

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