Top Trending Student's Jobs That You Can Try During Holidays


When on holiday’s breaks with nothing to do can make your holiday become a long continuous nap fest. Even though there is value in getting shuteye, there is so much you can gain once you spend that time well.  As a student, there is much you can do with the little extra money; party with your basketball team, attend a sold out concert, supplement your student loan that hardly even cover food nowadays, etc. According to research from the National Student Money Survey, 76% of the student have a side hustle. Better still most of the hustles don’t require you to show up in an office every day since there are numerous online jobs for students which provides much convenience.

Like what kind of work, you ask? We have compiled a helpful list of suggestions you can do over your holiday break. Once you are back into the swing of your next semester, you will be proud you did.

1. Summer Cruise Ship Jobs

In the cruise industry, there are a lot of jobs; full-time jobs, easy part-time jobs as well as seasonal jobs. River cruises and harbor cruise lines offer the summer jobs. You can work in land-based supports position or as a child caregiver, housekeeper or in the restaurants. With plenty of seasonal positions, you can work in the luxury cruises, in an inmate hatch cruises or somewhere in between. Since most of the massagers travel in the summer seasons, cruises operators are busiest during this time.

2. Social Media Manager

In our modern days, every other business is getting into social media bandwagon to reach many clients directly, without spending much on radio, prints or television ads. These businesses need a consultant to manage their social media accounts to help them grow and expand their reach. That is the reason why many individuals have begun advertising themselves as social media managers.  Thus, you can even start by reaching out to organizations directly and asking them if they need your help if you have a sizable following or a high command on social media.

3. Freelance Writer or Editor


Writers are now needed more than ever. Every other site on the internet is always in need of articles to fill their pages with new contents. Unlike in any other job, companies won't afford to replace great writers with robots anytime soon. If you can write intelligently and possess solid wring skill in different fields, you can earn as a freelancer. Other than writing for websites and blogs, you can also step in writing advertising copies, emails, ghostwriting eBooks or academic writing at  You will even exercise all you are learning in class such as essay writing, dissertation, course work, etc. venturing into writing can start small and grow into six-figure business once you become better at it. The beauty of it is that these are flexible jobs that you can work remotely at the comfort of your home.

4. Online Tutor

Since you are already in school and learning a lot of information, you can begin helping people who don't understand some subject and earn from it. This market is so broad since you can also teach English to people who don't know it well. If you do have confidence, patience with young people as well as top grades, money will find a way into your pocket. Some parent will even offer you bonuses once their children achieve their desired grades. Online tutoring is one of the best paid.  Also due to their higher demand, they get to set hours, and they are usually paid on an hourly bases. If you are skilled in a particular subject, why not assist other students in succeeding?

5. The product, Software, and App Testing

Every day, thousands of new products are being produced. And before they are released to the market, they have to be tested extensively; that where you get your part-time job. You get paid to test such apps, software, and products.

Final Thoughts

As you have read in this article, these best college jobs don't even require you to have much investment for you to start earning money. Besides they don't affect your studies at all and better still, you can get a career out of them. According to a study by Mount Holyoke College, the students with a handful of internships coupled with good grades are more likely to get jobs within less than five months after graduating. Some of the tasks you may get might not earn you a lot of money, but the experience acquired is valuable in so many other ways. You get to learn to work as a team, people skills, responsibility, money management, building self-esteem, professionalism, etc.

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Jeff Blaylock is a passionate freelance writer. He writes compelling contents which he couples up with tutoring students who struggle with writing. He strives to ensure his tutelage is helpful to his students.

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