TOP 6 Benefits of Grenada Citizenship

Are you looking for a country to get a second passport? Many states now offer to issue their documents. However, it is only profitable in some places. Grenada offers good conditions. It is a small country with a great climate and moderate tax laws.

The main Grenada citizenship benefits:

  • relatively low amount of investment required (the minimum amount is 150,000 U.S. dollars);
  • high speed of application and processing procedures (all take no more than 120 days);
  • no need to stay in the country permanently;
  • the possibility of processing documents for family members as well;
  • stable and growing economy;
  • a great climate and well-developed service.

Many people come to this country only for vacation. Today, it is possible to apply for Grenada citizenship quickly and appreciate all the advantages of the passport of this country. With such a document, the borders of hundreds of countries will be open to you.

As the expert of Immigrant Invest Zlata Erlach points out, investments in this country will quickly pay for themselves. Grenada is interested in investors, ready to create the best conditions for them.

What are the requirements for potential applicants?

It is possible to obtain documents that allow you to reside in this country without any problems legally. Therefore, there are minimal requirements for applicants. First, the principal investor must be of legal age. Second, it is necessary to provide a certificate of receipt of funds. The country avoids cooperation with fraudsters by checking the legality of obtaining assets.

In most cases, there are no questions, which means you can apply. You have to invest in real estate or a donation. The minimum contribution is $150,000. The benefits of the paperwork are:

  1. A well-established system. The process is fast; it does not take more than three to four months. The procedures are well-established, so there are no delays.
  2. The issue of all documents in English. It is the official language in this country. Therefore, citizens will also be able to communicate with the locals without any problems in the future.
  3. There is no need to be physically present in Grenada. This aspect is significant for those who plan to develop their business here and live elsewhere.
  4. The possibility to include family members in the application. For example, children, spouses, and parents. Yes, you will need to pay extra for them, but the amount will be low.

Dual citizenship is allowed in the country, so there is no need to surrender the primary passport. All of this makes the process of filing and processing documents as easy as possible.

Main benefits for Grenada passport holders

There are quite a few benefits of Grenada citizenship. Let’s start with the simplest one. The paperwork allows you to stay in the country legally and conduct business here regularly. Other advantages include the following:

  1. Easy and convenient travel around the world. Among the main Grenada passport benefits are the ability to visit visa-free in more than 127 countries. These include the European Union, China, and Great Britain. Therefore, with the document of this country, you can freely travel around the world, forgetting about visas and other restrictions.
  2. No taxes on income around the world. Passport holders will not have to overpay. It is an excellent opportunity to develop your business in Grenada and other parts of the world.
  3. Stable economic growth. Grenada is a true paragon of stability and security, unlike many other island nations. Your investments will be protected here. The political course of the country is stable and moderate. As a result, this country creates favorable conditions for doing business.
  4. It is possible to have documents for all members of the family. Parents, children, husbands, and wives can also evaluate the advantages of a Grenadian passport.
  5. Opportunity to develop business in the country. There is a good infrastructure here and a constant inflow of tourists. Therefore, it is an opportunity to build a business in travel. The experience of other companies demonstrates that this is more than realistic.
  6. A relatively small amount of investment must be made. Moreover, in the future, in a few years, it will be possible to dispose of purchased real estate and sell it.

Such pros make obtaining citizenship in this country a rational exercise. Benefits for Grenada passport holders are practical from the first day after receiving the document. Since the procedures are well-established, there are no problems with their issuance.

Thus, this state looks noticeably more developed and stable against the background of other islands. That is why the investment with an opportunity to get a document seems entirely rational. Grenada CBI benefits are business, travel, and access to this country’s benefits.

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    Please is USA among the countries one can travel without VISA with Grenada passport?

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