Tips for Staying Stylish Even on a Strict Budget

If you want to look stylish, but budgets are dragging you down: you may feel like there's no hope to both look good and save money.  Fortunately: there is hope!  These are some of the best ways to help you stay stylish and keep within any budget!

Go Second Hand to Save the Environment

The best way to save money and continuously have new clothing is to go second-hand!  Buying used clothing allows you to update your wardrobe without breaking the bank.  The best thing is, because of the internet, you can get anything you want, from second-hand kid's clothes to second-hand party and dance clothing depending on what you're interested in.

Although the things you buy will most likely be used, the quality is usually good enough that all it needs is a good wash!

Consider Restyling What You Currently Have

Sometimes what we own can be restyled into something incredible.  This is great to keep in mind, especially if you're not the type to get rid of older clothing since most styles go in and out of fashion throughout the years.  Look at what you own, and think about how you can layer it, change its look, or change how you usually wear it.  

Most items can be versatile, giving you a new look based on what other things you wear it with.  Of course, this has a limit, some pieces are so iconically from a time period that it's hard to separate them from it, but most clothing is flexible.

Use Dye and Sewing for a Permanent Change

If you're creative and don't mind changing things up: don't be afraid to go in with dye and scissors!  Recoloring and redesigning your clothes will allow you to have a fresh look.  Although it won't be new clothing, you'll still feel excited when you see what amazing changes you can make with your own hands.  

If you're unsure how to do this, look at modern clothes patterns to start with and see which items you own that you could make things out of.  Also, remember that color matters when you're dying clothes, so research what combination will result in which color, so you don't accidentally create a puce dress.

Wait to Buy Until Major Sales or Discounts

Sometimes there's nothing that can replace the feeling of a brand new garment, and that's okay!  Make sure that when you buy new, you wait until there's a major sale, or incredible discount, that lowers the price of the items by a severe amount.

This will help you stay within budget while ensuring you get the rush and fun of a brand new clothing piece.

You Can Look Stylish at Any Budget

Don't let your budget hold you back from looking your best!  Work around it, get to know the clothing you have, and consider some of these options so that you can refresh your wardrobe in no time!  It shouldn't cost a fortune to look like a thousand bucks!

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