There's More than One Way to Cut the Costs of Daily Life Without Even Noticing

There are many reasons as to why people would want to cut costs, especially in the modern-day. Be it to help save in the short-term for a vacation, such as to see the frogs at the Arenal Frog Sanctuary in Costa Rica, or to do some long-term saving to have a pot ready for a rainy day, finding the best way to channel your money is always beneficial but not always easy.

None of us want to change our behavior drastically, but no one says no to fewer outgoings. So, we've come up with some ways to cut everyday costs in leisure and living that are easy to establish and next-to unnoticeable in the change made.

Moving to modern entertainment

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Cable has been the go-to format for premium viewing for decades. The prices have historically been irritatingly high and ever-growing, but without competition, people who enjoy top-tier shows and movies don't really have a choice. Now, these cable companies have a major competitor, which is taking over American entertainment: streaming.

The majority of households have the internet capacity to run streaming platforms at their highest levels, with the streaming scene now being so popular and competitive that the platforms are creating some strong content that ends up being talked about a lot. Of course, you might have an ongoing cable plan, so you'll need to wait for your contract to expire to make the switch.

Moving on from cable to a streaming platform will save you a lot of money. The calculations from comparing streaming and cable find that you can home in on the content that you want for a much cheaper monthly cost with streaming platforms, which is why so many people have turned to so-called “cable cutting”.

Reducing the costs of potentially expensive leisurely activities

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Whether it's via computer game launchers, online browsers, consoles, or mobiles, millions of people around the country spend a lot of their leisure time playing games. Now, due to how different platforms of games are structured, gaming isn't exactly a cost-effective entertainment medium, unless you know where to find free games that are as entertaining as their full-priced counterparts.

If you already have a game console or gaming computer, the free games may even present themselves as better, longer-term options to the regular full-priced releases. Due to how these games operate, as a live service, the emphasis is on them to update and innovate regularly to keep people wanting to play.

Games like Ninjala, League of Legends, Dota 2, Valorant, Fortnite, Brawlhalla, Warframe, and Dauntless offer expansive and ever-evolving experiences to provide non-stop entertainment for free. Without a console or gaming PC, there are still free gaming options that run parallel to the paid versions. Regardless of whether it's a classic-looking slot, one based in ancient Egypt, or one of the most popular pay-per-spin titles, in platforms like, users can play more than 7780 free online casino games from a pc or mobile.

Making the necessity of eating cheaper

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If you tend to eat out a lot, an obvious place to cut some costs is by eating out less and cooking at home more. Cooking from your own ingredients is significantly more cost-effective than going out, and yet, the standard format of cooking for the evening can be made even cheaper. Don't worry, this doesn't require you to change from good quality food to cheap buys, and it actually involves you spending less time cooking.

If you want to reduce the amount you spend on food, buy an electric crock-pot, and do more bulk cooking. It's cheaper to buy your ingredients in a multipack or larger set than it is to get them individually, with the crock-pot enabling you to cook it all at once, make use of everything that you buy, and make several meals out of cook. Getting enough to fill a good-sized (around an eight-quart) crock-pot will save you money and time.

Once you've prepped the ingredients, you just put it all in the crock-pot, wait six-to-eight hours with some occasional stirring, and your meal for the evening and several ensuing evenings is cooked. Just freeze the rest in suitable containers. Excellent choices for bulk cooks are dishes like Thai green curry, chili con carne, beef stew, chicken casserole, pulled pork, and vegetable curry.

Making changes to your lighting is a bright idea

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When a light bulb blows, most people will just go to the electronics store and buy a new one or a set of new ones that are the same type. However, older light bulb models drain significantly more money from your bills than the newer LED light bulbs – which also last much longer. In fact, it was found that changing all of the light bulbs in your house, assuming you're switching 60-watts with 14-watts, could reduce your energy bill by $40 per year under regular usage of around four hours per day of lighting.

Making these relatively quaint changes can end up costing you lot less money, and yet you'll still be able to enjoy great viewing and gaming content, eat great food, and have lighting in your home.

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