The Education Requirements For A Career In Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is an advancing field that offers a lucrative salary and the reward of helping others overcome pain and mobility concerns. There are specific educational requirements for those wanting to become physical therapists. Continue reading below to learn more about this exciting career choice.

What Is a Physical Therapist?
Physical therapists offer various treatment modalities to help people overcome painful injuries and chronic conditions that prevent them from remaining mobile. Those becoming a physical therapist need to learn about the educational and job requirements so they can take action to further their careers. The following are some responsibilities of physical therapists.

  • Take patients' health histories.
  • Diagnose and manage health conditions.
  • Refer patients to other healthcare professionals as necessary
  • Help patients improve their physical functions
  • Create and modify patient treatment plans
  • Develop fitness and wellness plans

What Are the Educational Requirements of Physical Therapists?
Physical therapists perform essential roles for patients with mobility concerns and pain. There are a few steps involved in becoming a physical therapist. Although the educational path is challenging, the benefits of becoming a therapist outweigh the extensive effort.

  • Individuals will need to obtain a bachelor's degree. You can first establish a career in physics, biology, or human anatomy. Some get a bachelor's degree in pre-physical therapy, health sciences, or athletic training.
  • Next, individuals must complete a doctor of physical therapy program. Individuals must get their doctorate in physical therapy. The individual must complete their education from an accredited school. During this program, students will go through many classes and areas of study.
  • The next step is for individuals to obtain a state license to begin working as a physical therapist. All states require licensure. Individuals must pass the Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy to receive their license.
  • Individuals must go through residency training. Most physical therapists go through at least one year of residency to specialize in a specific form of physical therapy and hone their skills.
  • The individual must then become board-certified. It is essential to note that this step is not always required, but it goes a long way toward proving the physical therapist's professionalism and training. Once board-certified, physical therapists can pursue work in various physical therapy careers, including orthopedics, sports physical therapy, and clinical electrophysiology.

What Is the Average Salary for a Physical Therapist?
The national average salary for physical therapists is around $73,753. Your salary will depend on your educational background, qualifications, experience, and specialty. Your salary will increase as you advance in physical therapy, gain experience, or enter a specialty.

Your Career Awaits
Finding the right career choice is not always easy. It requires a concerted effort and research. Physical therapy is an excellent choice for those who want to help others and earn an incredible salary. Becoming a physical therapist takes a few years and a lot of hard work. Although the educational requirements are lengthy, they will help propel you for a future career choice that makes you unstoppable.

Becoming a physical therapist is a rewarding experience that can be life-changing for you and your patients. Physical therapists work in hospitals, patients' homes, doctor's offices, clinics, and nursing homes. The field of physical therapy is growing rapidly, and more of these professionals are needed than ever before. Now is an excellent time to pursue physical therapy as a career choice.

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