The Best Lead Generation Tools

For many businesses, a lead is a type of customer to whom the lion's share of the company's business processes are tuned. Broadly speaking, a lead is someone who already knows your product or service exists and is potentially interested in purchasing it thanks to a wordpress live chat plugin free.

Lead generation is the process of recruiting or attracting leads from social and search networks through various services and lead generation free tools. One of the conditions of lead generation is that the lead must leave his contact information.

What Lead Generation Tools Are Available

The more leads you get, the more of them you can turn into real free business opportunity leads. That's why a huge number of free lead generation tools are used in lead generation:

  • Website. You can place a shopping cart and payment systems with this free lead generation tool, “landing” customers recruited from advertising. The site can be promoted by SEO queries, and people will find you themselves through search engines.
  • Email marketing. By making attractive offers, good headlines and engaging texts with this leads tool, you can achieve good conversion rates.
  • SMM (social media marketing). Proper work with the target audience in their groups and communities can bring leads regularly. In the case of attracting a cold audience with one of top lead generation tools, classic advertising posts on social networks will help.

Why Choose Chat For Lead Generation

Chat is one of the lead generation tools free. It's a communication channel through which customers can communicate in real time with managers, technical support and other representatives of the company directly on the website.

To begin communicating, users simply write in the chat, which has already appeared on the page automatically, or click the icon to call the widget. Chat on the site allows you to correspond online and get instant responses.

Chat rooms are essential for any business where there are active sales through the site, or where users may need advice. However, if you're an informational resource, or have a business card, or just don't sell anything, there's not much need to have this lead generation software free.

Use chat generation tools when you work in one of these areas:

  • Real estate (development or sales);
  • Legal services;
  • Financial services;
  • Medicine;
  • Tourism;
  • Education;
  • Automotive business;
  • Food delivery;
  • Trucking.

Or simpler: you are the owner or marketer of any online store. Then you can't do without these best free lead generation tools.

How Effective Is The Chat

Increase Of Conversion

Chatting via this free lead generation software, a person is not distracted from the study of the site, and the manager at this time can sell products and services. It turns out that the user spends more time on the site, and during this time, you have a better chance to solve his problem with this lead generation tool.

Increased Conversions

By hooking up this lead gen tool, you'll open up access to the part of the audience that doesn't like to call. Sometimes calling is just inconvenient, and do not forget that today is the age of messengers, everyone sits in chats. Remember that the more channels, the more points of contact with the audience.

Optimizing Customer Service

An operator cannot handle more than one call at a time, but answering two or three chats at a time is helpful. Besides, the manager can find answers to questions without discouraging the client by keeping silent on the phone. 92% of users experience satisfaction with this free leads generation software.


If you set up a free lead generator software, the user can get an answer or part of the answers to their questions without the operator's involvement. This will allow managers to address other questions and only join the conversation when it's really needed thanks to lead gen tools.

Being In Touch

These leads tools allow customer data to be collected both deep into the night and on weekends. A manager doesn't have to sit at the monitor all the time for you to receive customer submissions.

Optimizing Your Advertising Campaigns

By analyzing real customer interactions in free lead generation apps, you can find out what brought them to you. With this information, you can amplify or adjust your campaigns, add new keywords, add more minus-words to your lists. The most important thing is the ability to collect, store and structure calls in one place for analytics.

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