The 9 Most Effective Ways To Net Professional Leads

If you are trying to create a business that is self-perpetuating, leads are undoubtedly the key ingredient, because when you are learning how to run a successful business you will need to know the value of leads because they will always help you accomplish your goals. Marketing techniques are in abundance and when we are talking about lead generation, many professional firms utilize a variety of techniques. Let's show you some of the most common and crucial tools that you could use to start bringing more people into your business, so you can profit and build a bridge between you and your customers.

Online Forms

Firstly, one of the most simple tools doesn't involve necessarily reaching out to people to try and get their details, but about providing opportunities for them to come to you. This is why online forms can do so much because when you are offering different types of content, the call-to-action followed by an online form will always be the simplest way to gauge interest. 

You can use lead generation forms in a number of ways, most notably, you can tie it in with automated platforms such as Pardot. You can also integrate these with a number of social media platforms like LinkedIn. If you are wondering how to set up LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms & Pardot integration, the aforementioned link can point you in the right direction. 

An online form is such a simple approach, but it can help to build the fundamentals of the next component.


Email marketing is something that is incredibly beneficial and is still the most useful marketing tactic. Generating leads through email may seem somewhat one-sided, but this is why an e-newsletter needs to provide high-quality content. Emails have the power to be personal but they can also start bringing customers. What is the key? 

It's about regular e-newsletters that provide educational content that show your services as the solution to fill in the gap. Many people use email as a way to be more personal, and if you are trying to get professional leads, it can be a gamble as to whether you should be more personable or human, but e-newsletters cover a lot of ground. You can use it as a way to expand on your tone of voice, but you can also use your e-newsletter to nurture existing needs on your list. Many companies use e-newsletters as a way to announce new services, but also provide unique offers that can only be redeemed via email. 

Another way to build your subscriber list is to offer a newsletter subscription via your website. But you have to remember, the more people will read it, the more quality you have to bring. Newsletters can easily go into the spam box!

Online Videos

Yes, marketing talks about the importance of videos as a way to bring businesses into your realm, but the fact is that if you are looking for a way to appeal to people, you can use professional resources to start bringing credibility to your business. In many ways, it is similar to the referral process, but rather than having a customer give some positive feedback, you can use a flagship client and have them explain how you have solved their problems.

A variety of vox pop videos can bolster your business as a credible entity. Videos are an amazing resource, and this is why even when you're trying to get professional leads, you should utilize this component.

Industry Research Reports

If you are looking to generate professional leads, you've got to provide the facts and the figures. Documents such as industry research reports can be a brilliant lead generator, and they can boost your credibility, which serves to strengthen your brand. 

If you focus on generating research within a certain sector of your industry, you are highlighting your credibility more so than others in your field, but you can also use these research studies as a vehicle to partner up with another firm (that isn't in direct competition with you), so you can reduce your marketing costs and improve your credibility at the same time.

White Papers

White papers are becoming far more commonplace these days, and for good reason. White papers are a fantastic way to establish credibility so you can generate more qualified leads. A white paper is usually downloadable for free, or you can choose to distribute it through other third-party services. When you utilize white papers in the right way, it can also go into great depth on a specific subject, which doesn't just establish your reputation, but can generate a lot more buzz around your business. 

Generating that palpable excitement is not easy, but when you start to look at white papers or even e-books as a longer version of the common white paper, it becomes a very simple way to show yourself as a professional and resourceful business entity.


Webinars are a double-edged sword, especially if you're looking for instantaneous leads because a webinar is usually offered free of charge. However, it requires registration so you can collect the most basic information from the attendees. But you have to ensure that your webinar is educational and not like a sales pitch, because many webinars make the mistake of highlighting their product upfront in the hope that you will sign up before the end of the webinar. 

The important thing to remember is to show how your product will highlight key problems based on the subject matter of your webinar. A webinar needs to get educational, and it needs to provide a lot of information that the customer can use by themselves. So many people think that this is tantamount to giving away your services for free. But if you are providing a high-quality service at the end of it and are showing just how your products or service can deal with the pain points you have described throughout the course of the webinar, it should be easy enough to get people on board. It needs to be educational, but it also needs to be trustworthy. 

The great thing about a webinar is that you can set one up and it can be like an exclusive event that you show on a semi-regular basis. It's a lot of work, but once you have created an amazing webinar you can use and reuse it a number of times. But the most important thing about delivering a great webinar is that you have to elicit trust from your desired lead.


Many organizations use pay-per-click (PPC), and while there is a lot of debate as to whether it is effective because pay-per-click doesn't give you complete control over the type of targets you are promoting yourself towards, but the fact is that many businesses that are starting out needing to get their name out there. 

It is a technique where you are purchasing your way onto specific search engine results pages based on the relevant keywords. The leads can be of higher quality because of the more targeted nature of PPC, but you need to weigh up if it is worthwhile for your budget. 

When you're trying to net a professional lead, you've got to think about how savvy they really are. When you're trying to get a professional client, nine times out of ten, they will know all about PPC. So if you are planning on using this, you had better make sure it is a service that is unique and targets niche clients and sectors.

Search Engine Optimization

It is something that everybody should be practicing. Search engine optimization (SEO) gives you the tools to match the right clients with the content you produce. The fact is that search engine optimization is something that chops and changes, but the fundamentals always stay the same. When it comes to generating content that appeals, you've got to ensure that you do your keyword research and are creating content that is answering those pain points. Many organizations feel the pressure of coming up with content that works every single time, which is why you need to have an understanding of how Google ranks certain websites. There is an abundance of little things you can do to make sure that you are complying with SEO best practices, such as making sure your website has no dead links. But if you ignore SEO, you are neglecting one of the more fundamental aspects of appealing to anyone. Anybody who has a query is always going to Google it first.


Whether it's online or in person, it's always about the quality of the networking you do. Networking is something that is still effective because it's about making the right connections with the right type of people. When you start to network, you are hoping to highlight your reputation. 

There are many networking best practices, online and in person, but you need to make sure that you are getting the results in direct proportion to how much time you are willing to invest in it.

Getting professional leads can seem all about the numbers, but the fact is you always have to remember that the quality of those leads is far more important. Using any of these practices could do a lot for you.

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