Staying Safe While Working Remotely

The pandemic changed the face of the working world forever. Companies who previously said no to remote working are now saying yes, and in such a candidate tight market companies are now offeringremote working as a permanent perk. It's important that even if you're not in the office though, that you understand the risks of staying safe while you work.

Cybersecurity is a big deal for companies both big and small around the globe. It should be as important to you as an employee as it is to your employer that everything you do keeps you safe and keeps their information safe as well. Companies such as PacGenesis can help you to learn more about cyber security and the threats that you can be thwarting in your business, But if you are working from home it pays to take the right steps to ensure that your business and all of your data is as safe as possible. So, with this in mind here are some top tips to help to keep yourself and your business safe when you are enjoying working remotely.

  • Always ask for instructions before accessing company information. Whether you are remotely working on the road or you are working from home, there are precautions that you must take before you access sensitive data from your company. You have to ask permission before you open certain files just in case you are in an area that doesn't offer you a secure VPN connection. If you don't have that secure connection then you need to speak to your employer about getting that in situ as soon as possible.
  • Always use protected access versions of Wi-Fi. WPA2 provides the authentication that you need to allow you to access things that are only for authorized users. You can use this at home to encrypt your work and ensure that cyber hackers who may be on the same thread are not able to see what you are doing and therefore cannot steal information from your employer.
  • Always connect to the correct Wi-Fi networks. Go to the local cafe rather than work from your dining table, you need to ensure that you are using the correct Wi-Fi connection in a public place. Whenever you are connecting to one, you should ask somebody for the correct Wi-Fi name and ensure that you have a VPN that's something you can use anywhere. The last thing that you need is for transmitting data to be vulnerable to being snatched while it's in the air.
  • Always use SSL connections. When you do connect to Wi-Fi, you should ensure that you are using a good VPN and a secure socket layer. This will ensure that everything that you do online is encrypted and whenever you connect to sensitive data through a website, you should always use an SSL connection to help you.
  • Keep your devices with you. If you go outside and you start to work outside, never just leave your device out there. A device at home should also never be left unattended, because even if you are the only person there you should still lock your screen just in case.
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