Secret Weapons to Starting a Business in Spain

Spain came out of the economic crisis not so long ago. Finding a permanent, well-paid job is not easy even for those who have a good education with computer skills and know Spanish. Therefore, many people come up with the idea to launch a small business. However, it is very difficult to start a business of your own without a decent initial capital. Nevertheless, it is quite possible to take the first steps in this direction. We are going give you a few good ideas for starting a business in Spain without much investment.

Where to Start?

First of all, it is necessary to understand that some investments need to be made, albeit little money and much non-material contribution in the form of time, mental and physical strength, accumulated experience, specific knowledge, and skills. Use this link to improve your Spanish: If you are ready to apply efforts for the sake of your future success, let’s proceed to the following items on our list.

Focus on what you like and what you can do. This does not necessarily have to be your specialization, not at all. Many people have managed to make their hobby a profitable business and have achieved great success in this field.

If you like some kind of business idea, but your knowledge is not enough for its development, you will have to learn. To this end, there are many opportunities. You can take specialized courses or obtain a university degree by distance, etc.

Although even if you are a professional in your business, then you will have to learn all the time to start your own business. We live at the time of new technologies, advertising tools and special opportunities for attracting customers and the development of the enterprise as a whole. To achieve success in a world full of competition, you must be on the wave and tirelessly grow both professionally and personally.

Top 5 Types of Entrepreneurial Activity with Minimal Investment

Here is a list of activities that do not require serious financial investments. They are in demand now and have a promising future in Spain. All of them are suitable for private entrepreneurship and can develop into a larger and successful business with time and efforts.

1. Personal Coach

More and more people are becoming concerned about their health to be engaged in sports and do not spare money or time for this. Not everyone can be a personal coach in fitness, yoga, and other recreational sports. But having a certain sports background and having received official accreditation as an expert in physical culture and sports, you can get an excellent profession and a constantly growing income.

You can find a lot of courses that offer training for a personal coach, but be careful. Not all of them have the right to assign their graduates an official title. To determine the choice, look at the page of the Spanish Federation of Coaches and Fitness, where you will find all the necessary information on this issue.

2. Personal Shopper

A shopping expert is another very fashionable profession with a great future. This is an assistant in creating a style and a personal consultant in the fashion world rolled into one. More recently, such an occupation only concerned the world of glamor and big money, but now experts in this field are in demand among ordinary mortals.

Such a business is ideal for those who selflessly love shopping, has a good taste and knows the latest fashion trends. In addition, a personal shopper should be a well-bred and courteous person, look elegant, have knowledge in the field of human psychology and have a surging positive energy that can affect clients.

You can get the specialty of a personal shopper or increase the already available qualifications in courses that have recently appeared more and more. Some of them are trustworthy and can really help you become a successful entrepreneur and a real professional, such as a three-month course of a personal shopper at the Center of Fashion Design at the University of Madrid, course at the Superior School of Design and Fashion in Barcelona, a half-year course at the School of Tourism on the Balearic Islands, etc.

3. Organizer of Holidays, Weddings and Other Events

This is a very popular business at the moment, which does not require any major investments. It is important to have the organizing talent, know all the details, secrets and trends of this business. Specialization in this complicated field of activity is very important and highly valued by customers.

You can get the special skills necessary to master this very popular profession at online or on-site courses, as well as at one of the major institutions for organizing events.

Here is a short list of such courses:

  • Master Internacional en Organizacion de eventos at Esneca Business School;
  • Event Management Diploma at Pitman School in Barcelona;
  • Master en Marketing, Comunicacion y Organizacion de Eventos de Moda at LCI Barcelona;
  • Experto en Organizacion de Congresos y Eventos by Grupo Lezama;
  • Curso Experto en Protocolo Empresarial, Comunicacion y Relaciones Publicas by Ide Cesem;
  • Curso Superior en Organizacion de Eventos Deportivos y Programacion de Servicios at EFAD, etc.

As you can see, the choice is wide. Prices are also very different. Such courses will cost you from 300 euros up to 10,000 euros and more.

4. Drop Shipping

Drop shipping is a type of Internet business where you can successfully trade, but at the same time, you do not bother with the availability of a warehouse and goods in the range, transportation and other complex problems that require investments. You do not need to have a special education for that. You just need to create an online store, find good suppliers and, of course, be able to sell.

The essence of drop shipping is finding customers, and then redirecting orders to the parent company, which will take care of the delivery and shipment of the goods to the customers.

5. Care for Domestic Animals

Here you can choose from a variety of options depending on your abilities, knowledge, and preferences. Demand is used for a variety of services related to caring for pets. It can be dog-walking, washing, haircut, care of hair and claws, staying with pets during vacations or business trips, training, preparation for exhibitions, etc.

In this article, we have presented only a small part of ideas for the beginning of private business activity in Spain without large investments. Your imagination, experience, and knowledge will prompt you exactly what you can do as a private entrepreneur in Spain.

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